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    I happened to get a delivery today (one of the most exciting things ever). Finally, my Medusa cosmetics had arrived!

    All 48 colours were all mine to play around with! As well as both of their eyeshadow ranges (Electro and Safari) I also purchased their Black Panther Eyeliner, Eye Primer (Stick It!) and The Fix! Which is a great little product for when applying loose glitter & dust. I just had to have a little play with some of the colours straight away, so here is a look for you.

    Here I used Electro White, Electro Blue and Electro Black as well as Medusa's Black Panther Eyeliner.

    To order, head over to their website 

    Medusa Cosmetics are located in the US, but had super reasonable shipping rates to Australia for how much I ordered. (I only payed $15 shipping!) There is also an option to select a free sample at checkout - who doesn't want that? I got one of their lipgloss to try out!

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November Giveaway!!!!!!

    How is this for fun, I am giving away some great things this month! I have two nail polishes, one from Zoya in Crystal (shimmery blue with gold) and the other from Nubar in Gold Feather (gold that flashes green). I also have six lipglosses from Zoya: Boudoir (berry), Foxy (shimmery copper), Hot Lips (shimmery white), Glimmer (shimmery light mauve), Frosting (shimmery light pink) and Minx (shimmery medium pink). To win these fun items each person will need to: follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook. That’s it. Go down to the Rafflecopter below and follow the directions. All entries need to follow the directions. The contest will rtn from November 1, 2011-November 15. 2011. US Only.

    Please visit Contestgirl ( for great contests!

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A Look With Illamasqua, Items that Tickle Your Fancy.

    DSCF2592When I first discovered Illamasqua, it was like I was a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t believe there was this great makeup line out there similar in style to MAC but edgier. The quality is great and they have some awesome products. The line is based in the UK but can be found at Sephora or in the US. Online they can also be found at

    For this look I wanted to show off some of their fun products and also just make a nice “neutral” look. The line is known for some way out there looks, as you will see if you visit their website (which I encourage you to do). I used three Pure Pigments on my eye. The darkest, Fervent, is in the crease. It is a reddish brown that flashes green. This set the tone for the whole look. Then I used another Pure Pigment in Lust, a shimmery green on the lid. Finally, under the brow, I used Beguile Pure Pigment. It is from the new collection called Theatre of the Nameless. It is a gorgeous white that flashes iridescent. I lined my upper lid with Havoc Precision Ink, a dark burgundy. This really made my eyes look green. Finally I used the new Lots of Lashes mascara in Black from Maybelline.

    On my cheeks I used Hussy Powder Blush, which is beautiful bright matte pink. Even though it looks really bright in the pan it goes on much softer. It made my cheeks look very rosy. I lined my lips with a soft brown lip pencil and then used the Sheer Lipgloss in Soul. Even though it says sheer, this lipgloss has much more payoff than expected. Soul is a neutral nude peach with shimmer. It really made my lips look large and full.

    Top to bottom: Pure Pigments in Beguile, Lust and Fervent. Blush in Hussy. Sheer Lipgloss in Soul. Precision Ink in Havoc.

    I hope you like this look. I find that it gave my eyes a slightly more youthful look and hey, that is always a good thing!
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    My amazing bro sent me a link to this Youtube video showcasing Dermablend's products. I loved it so much I just had to share it whth you!

    I love that the model for the advertisment actually has the skeleton tattoos, I think that it makes the effect just so much cooler as he is taking it off. Wonderful marketing by this brand!

    You can purchase any of the products from Dermablend's range at

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Another Look With MAC Snowglobe Compact in Cool

    I was so happy with the MAC Snowglobe Compact in Cool that I wanted to show another look I did.


    Using the Snowglobe Cool Compact, I took Illegal Cargo (the light lavender) used it in the crease and under the eye close to the inner corner. Then I used Warm & Smoky (the shimmery blue) and used it on the outside of the lid and under the eye. I used the gorgeous Snowball (holographic white/green) on the lid and under the brow. For the liner I used Urban Decay’s liquid liner in Retrograde and MAC’s mascara in Opulash Black. My eyes look very open and the color of my eyes look very green today. Purple really does that to them.


    On the cheeks I used Snowglobe Beauty Powder and on my lips I used a light brown liner with Double Spin Cremesheen lipstick. The colors in the compact are as follows: Snowball, Illegal Cargo, Idol Eyes, Wark and Smoky, Howzat and Set to Dance. For the swatches below I had to wet the first three to get them to show in the photo. The lipstick doesn’t show in the photo but looks great on my lips over liner.




    The Snowglobe Compact (part of Ice Parade) is available at MAC counters and for $38.00. Double Spin (part of Glitter and Ice) lipstick is also available for $15.50. As mentioned before, this holiday collection is just great! I am so happy that I didn’t skip anything this year.

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Giveaway Coming Up!


    Top of Snowglobe Eye Compact (Note Real Snowglobe!!!)

    MAC Always over does it for the holidays. I feel like I have to take out a second mortgage to get all that I want. This year is no exception. There is a plethora of offerings that will satisfy just about anyone’s gift list. Personally, I am keeping them for myself. 

    The actual Glitter and Ice collection is somewhat similar to years past, the tone is winter wonderland. I am a warm toned gal but I still love to put on the icy colors and play snow goddess with these products.

    Soft Sable Lipstick
    How Beautiful Beauty Powder
    Snowglobe Beauty Powder
    Let's Skate Paintpot
    Eloquent Air Lipstick
    Silver Skates Technakohl Liner
    Double Spin Lipstick
    Whirls and Twirls Lipstick

    Shimmermint and Frozen Blue Mineralize Shadows
    For Effect and Morning Frost Paint Pots
    Hold That Pose Mineralize Shadow
    Dressed to Dazzle (t) Pleasure Principle (b)
    Glitter and Ice (t)She-Zam (b)
    Fresh Ice (l), Hold That Pose (r), Snow Season (b)
    All of the eyeshadows ($21.00) in the Glitter and Ice collection are mineralized (baked) and are beautiful but when worn dry they lack the staying power of the regular shadows MAC is known for. Too bad, because I really love these colors. Oh, well, I will wear them wet or over the paint pots ($18.50)! Two of the three paint pots have nice looks, Let’s Skate was used under one eye look and it did nothing for me. I got the lighter lipsticks ($15.50) and they are quite pretty. I am very happy with them. The two Beauty Powders ($24.00), Snowglobe and How Beautiful look okay on my skintone but I am pretty pale. I cannot see them on anyone much darker. And we come to the Dazzleglasses ($19.50). What can I say about them. I adore them. Always have, always will. One repromote, Pleasure Principle is my favorite because it is almost holographic in nature. Kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. All in all I am very happy with everything I purchased!

    Cool Snowglobe Eye Compact

    Top of Snowglobe Eye Compact (Note Real Snowglobe!!!)
    As an early holiday present I was treated to the Snowglobe Eyeshadow Compacts ($38.00). There are two compacts, a warm and a cool. Both are quite nice. Each has six eyeshadows. Even though I love warm tones I am actually more drawn to the cool toned one this year. I am in love with purples and this compact is full of shadows that complement green eyes: mauve and purple tones.

    Here are a few looks I did with various products from the collections:
    In this look I am wearing (from Glitter and Ice) Hold That Pose in the crease, outer edge of the lid and under the eye, Snow Season on the lid and Fresh Ice under the brow. I lined with Silver Skates Technakohl ($16.00) liner on the lid, the usual Black Opulash mascara. My cheeks were shimmering with Snowglobe Beauty powder. Soft Sable Frost lipstick made my lips look alluring.
    Fabulously Festive Facekit in Warm
    Mellowarm Lipstick
    For this next look I used the Fabulously Festive Facekit ($59.50) in Warm. It has four eyeshadows and one blush. I used Soft Brown in the crease, Omega under the eye and in the outer edge of the lid. Then I defined the crease with Carbon. Golden Flurry was used on the lid and under the brow. The blush, called Seasonal Appeal, was used on the cheeks and really brought out my cheekbones. In this kit there is also a lipstick called Mellowarm, which I used on my lips.
    A really pretty look, surprisingly, came from the cool tones of the Snowglobe Eye Compact ($38.00) in Cool. The six shades can be worn in a number of combinations. I took the dark gray in the crease and then the shimmering blue on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. The glittery silver went on the lid, while the ethereal white that flashes green under the brow. I also eased the look of the gray by using the shimmery purple in the crease. I used the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Noctural (shimmery silver) to liner my upper lid. Mascara is Opulash in Black. I used Snowglobe Beauty Powder. My favorite part of the look is the Dazzleglass in Pleasure Principle on my lips. Such a beautiful color. I feel like a magpie when I look at it! Smile

    As I mentioned earlier, and it bears repeating, I am very happy with everything I purchased. I feel like putting on a gray sweater, these colors and playing out in the snow! If you are interested in any of the above products, just head over to
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