Salon vs. Supermarket

    As a hairdresser, I am often asked if using products from a salon really makes a difference when it comes to your hair. The answer is YES!

    There are some very big differences in the way that salon and supermarket brand products work.

    One of the questions I am often asked when a client switches to a salon shampoo is why the shampoo isn't lathering up and bubbling? How can it be cleaning your hair if it is not doing so? The answer is that supermarket brands are detergent based, which creates all the bubbles you see. If it foams up lots it must be working right? Wrong! These shampoos will also strip the colour out of your hair, meaning long term you will be paying way more for your shampoo than you think! Supermarket shampoo brands focus on cleaning the hair from the outside in.

    Salon shampoos work by opening the cuticle, and cleaning away the oil, dust, product build up and dead skin cells from the inside out. These products are developed more for your specialty needs, and focus on protecting your hair from UV rays, thermal styling, and preserving your hair colour.

    Tip: Always shampoo your hair twice! The first shampoo removes all of the surface dirt and oil, and the second shampoo deeply cleanses your hair. You will notice that the second shampoo will froth up a little more than the first.

    Often when people are first contemplating switching to a salon brand of shampoo, I am asked why should they switch if the current supermarket conditioner makes their hair so shiny. The answer is in the development of the products again. Supermarket conditioners contain high levels of silicone. The silicone creates a coating around your hair, and over time as the layers build up the hair will appear shiny. This process means your hair looks shiny, but underneath is just as damaged. This silicone is bad for your hair and can take months to break down when you first switch to a salon system. The silicone can also react to the hair colours we use, causing your hair colour to fade quick as it isn't able to penetrate the cuticle of your hair properly through that layer.

    Salon conditioners work to repair your hair from the inside out, much the same as the shampoo works. After shampoo the cuticle is open, meaning that the conditioner and repairing properties can properly penetrate your hair and repair your hair. The conditioner then smooths the cuticle shut, protecting it from damage of UV rays, thermal styling and harsh weather conditions.

    Tip: When conditioning your hair, start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up. You don't need very much product at the roots of your hair as your scalp will naturally product oils and product will just cause you to have to shampoo your hair more often. The ends of your hair is what needs the extra help!

    The Big Difference 
    The first difference people notice between salon & supermarket brands is the price. Salon shampoos usually range from $10 - $50 depending on the brand, so you should be able to find a brand to suit your hair type and budget.

    Because salon brands are formulated at a high quality, you don't need as much of the product! All the product your should need will be a walnut sized amount meaning the bottle of shampoo you buy will last you much longer, as well as saving you money long term by preserving your hair colour, repairing the ends of your hair and the right shampoo and conditioner system for your hair type should also save you time styling.

    I hope this explains it all and answers any questions!
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