Behind the Scenes at a Photoshoot

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    I get lots of questions about what really goes on behind the scenes at a Photoshoot, and people are always interested in whats behind the gloss & glamour.

    The most important stage in any photoshoot is planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. There are lots of factors involved, and the first is to determine what style you would like - for me, it's usually centered around Hair & Makeup styles. Once the style is determined, you have to locate a model and photographer to suit the style chosen.

    From here on - this means lots of emails back & forth to confirm that everyone is on the same page. Location, date, call & shooting times, clothing, and props are just a few things that needs to be organized. It's really important to record all of this information - or you will risk looking unprofessional should you turn up to a photoshoot with the wrong equipment or forgetting props!

    To help keep me on track, I keep a Photoshoot Booking Form, Model Profile Sheet & any Inspiration photos for the shoot.

    Once all of this is locked in - the fun begins! I like to do a trial run on a friend or myself if I'm trying out a new style or products I haven't used before, to ensure on the day there are no disasters!

    The day before a photoshoot I get my cases packed - this involves making sure all of my makeup brushes are cleaned, that I have disposable makeup sponges, mascara wands and lipgloss wands, ensuring all hairstyling tools are in working order and I have any extras needed such as false eyelashes or rhinestones. This is where all that planning helps - if you know exactly what you're doing on the day, there is no need to carry around excess equipment you won't use! When travelling, I usually take something along the line of this:

    Another important factor to consider is making sure you have adequate lighting, power supply and most importantly seating - having the model at the wrong height can cause back problems - posture is so important in a physical job! I also have a tall chair I can take along to bookings if I'm unsure if there will be a comfortable makeup room.

    Upon arrival at a shoot, I set up all of my equipment so it is within easy reach and I have everything I need - which never finishes as neatly as it starts!

    Once the model arrives, its my turn to get to work, and then I get to watch all the magic happen and be on hand for touch ups!

    That ends all the work for me! I'll pack up all my equipment, and wait until the photographer has finished editing all the photos! The final result will end up something like:

    Photographer: Natalie Purslow Photography
    Hair & Make Up: Wonderland Hair & Make Up Styling

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