Baby its cold outside!!!

    And you KNOW what that does to your skin!  
    Winter is finally here and on the east coast, its miserable.  Its cold and windy.  Lemme tell you, when I say windy we're talking Wizard-of-Oz-wind, gusts galore.  Lucky me, I live next to a wind tunnel.  Its fantastic...really :-|

    I don't know about you, but my skin and winter don't go hand in hand.  Every time november comes along, I have to change my moisturizer to something richer.  And im not the only one I presume.  It'll be a treat to your skin if you go from your basic moisturizer to something heavy, richer, more decadent.  Your skin will thank you many times over and treat you right come spring.  And to make things even easier for you, I'm going to recommend a moisturizer that i've tried and tested and can vow will make a difference.  

    Making it's second appearance on my blog is the fabulousness of Riversol T-Plus Daily Moisturizing Cream.  If you haven't read my ode to Riversol, you MUST.
    The T-plus Daily Moisturizing Cream is richness at its best, without the heavy overload of moisture.  A small nickle sized dollop of cream is enough to make your skin say "happy day, relief is finally here!" And on top of all that, you are continuously getting the benefits of this fragrance-free moisturizer that ALSO has vitamins C & E as well as Riversol's key ingredient : Thujaplicin and its perfect for ALL skin types, male or female, sensitive or extremely dry.  Really, could you ask for anything better?

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