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Evil Shades Cosmetics - Review - Swatches & FOTD

    Hola Chicas!  I’m here today with another review from an AMAZING Indie company called Evil Shades!  I love my group of Chicas and they have officially made me addicted to Indie makeup!  I’m totally loving it!  If you haven’t tried Indie makeup you need to try it!!

    Andrea is the owner of Evil Shades and is super sweet.  There was a little mess up with my order and I sent her an email to let her know that I had received two of the same e/s.  I even told her I would send her a picture to show her and she was like no worries I could have messed up when filling your e/s.  Within a couple of days she sent me two new one e/s plus another e/s sample!  Awesome customer service!   She responded to my email quickly.  If you have any problems or questions with your order she won’t keep you waiting.

    I ordered Evil Shades Blogger/Youtuber Review Set which consisted of 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and 3 lippies of your choice.  I ordered the following:



    Hardcore Lips
    Not Your Barbie

    E/S - Victorian Night
    E/S – Faerie Dance
    Visible Violet Spectrum Pot

    This is how my ordered looked:

    The packaging is made with LOVE!! This shows a lot on the owners part…well for me anyways.  The packaging itself is super cute!! Who doesn’t love cute packaging?  The best part is she personalized it with a “Thank You” note.  I love when I order makeup and get it personalized for me =)

    Here’s a breakdown of everything I got. 


    Victorian Night - Cerberus - Illusive

    With Flash on bare skin

    W/O Flash on bare skin

    These were the e/s that were my replacements
    Reondite - Banshee - Faerie Dance

    With Flash on bare skin
    Sorry my hand kept shaking and I couldn't take a good picture w/o flash.
    The one I had looked super blurry...no bueno!

    These eyshadows are so pretty!  All descriptions below are from the website.
    Victorian Night - Medium Lavender with teal shimmer and a subtle blue green shift
    Cerberus - Deep burgundy with fuchsia sparkle
    Illusive - A red based matte purple
    Reondite - Medium Aqua with pink shimmer
    Banshee - Bright shimmering teal
    Faerie Dance - Bold cobalt blue with  aqua sparkles dancing throughout

    These colors are amazing!!  My favorite one is Illusive.  This is an effin amazing matte e/s!!!  I have been using this one like almost everyday.  It's even more amazing applied wet!  Don't get me wrong I love all of the colors, but I love matte e/s and haven't been able to find many good ones.

    The e/s stay on long, no fading or creasing (used UDPP & ES Visible Violet Spectrum Pot) and they blend easily.  I love them!


    Brazen - Burlesque

    W/O Flash on bare skin
    I forgot to take one with flash =/
    Brazen - a pink toned red flush
    Burlesque - Light warm toned Peach with soft silver shimmer

    These blushes are awesome!  When I saw Brazen I was like OMG that super bright o_0 but it's a beautiful color.  I love the way they both looked when I applied them on my cheeks.  Burlesque is a pretty light color and I've been using it as a highlight on my cheeks.  They've lasted throughout the work day for me.  I apply it about 6:30am and by the time I get home about 5:15pm there still on.  That's a good thing.

    Hardcore Lips

    Roue - Not Your Barbie - Scream

    W/O Flash on bare skin
    The one I took with Flash was too blurry
    The pictures below were taken with flash.

    First off the sample packaging was super cute!  She sealed the little plastic package with a heart sticker which I loved!  These lippies are awesome.  I know I keep saying that but I'm loving her products! =)  They apply very easily, pigmented and last a good 5 hours.  The product itself isn't sticky or thick. 

    Spectrum Pot

    Visible Violet Spectrum Pot

    With Flash on bare skin
    I blended into my skin
    Spectrum Pots are versatile and can be used for almost anything!  On the website it states all the different ways you can use this.  I used it as an e/s base and it works really great.  It feels sticky but not in a bad way.  When I applied it on my lid it blended well.  It felt like a NYX JP when blending it.  There are 9 different colors available and she also has a Spectrum palette with 4 colors. 

    Overall Thoughts
    I really love Evil Shades!!  Your money will be well spent here.  I have no complaints.  I will be purchasing more from here and I hope you all will try this company out if you haven't done so. =)

    I know I'm sounding like a broken record right about now, but I'm loving Indie makeup companies.  I love the fact that it's made with love and knowing that the owner is the one packing your items is awesome.  Writing a little "Thank You" note says alot about someone.  It shows that they are grateful and take pride in there products.  That's what I love.  I'm sure the owner of MAC isn't gonna do that on everyone's order! LOL =)

    Here is a look I did using Visible Violet Spectrum Pot (E/S Base), Illusive (lid), Victorian Night (Crease blended up & under eyelid) and Cerberus (Crease to deepen it & under eyelid)

    I need to really stay away from purples cuz my looks are looking the same =/ LOL but I love PURPLE!!  Plus it's not the best lighting but oh well!! =)

    Till next time Chicas....Stay Beautiful!!
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Born Pretty Store 10% Off Coupon Code!!

    Hi Ladies!! If you all are shopping at Born Pretty Store, especially those of you who love nail art, don't forget to use my code to get 10% off your order!!

    Valid till December 31, 2011

    If 20 or more people use my code, Born Pretty Store will sponsor a giveaway for all of my lovely readers!!!

    Till next time....Stay Beautiful!!

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Darling Girl Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & FOTD

    Hola Chicas!!  I've heard about Darling Girl Cosmetics here and there; however, recently my little group of homegirls that I adore ♥ have finally convinced me to try indie cosmetics.  I was up in the air about them but let me tell you I don't think I'll be buying "high end" cosmetics that much anymore.  Let me show you why!!

    Ms. Susan from Darling Girl is super sweet!!  Here customer service is awesome!  She also interacts with her customers which is a plus!  Her logo is the cutest and as some of you know I'm a sucker for cute packaging!!

    I ordered the Blogger/Youtubers/Beauty Guru's Sample Pack

    What you get:

    5 Sample products (enough for several uses)
    Pick 1 lip product
    Pick 2 e/s or loose blushes

    Sample baggies come in a 2x2 zip lock baggie w/approx. 1/8 of a tsp of product

    Let me show you what I got from this pack. 
    All color descriptions are from the website cuz I suck at describing colors =p


    This is how my package came!! Love the Zebra print bag!
    It's awesome that she put a little handwritten "thank you" =D

    This is the way the sample pack is given to you! 

    These are the samples given to me.
    From Left to Right: Sugar Minuet, My Little Pony, Last Dance, Butterfly Flutterby, April Love
    It's awesome cuz she has the ingredients on the baggie for you!
    If you want detailed info you can go on her website and look up a color.

    With Flash

    W/O Flash
     Color Descriptions:

    Sugar Minuet is what I call a blackened blurple metallic with royal blue flecks.

    My Little Pony is a color morphing shade. At first glance it looks like a pale pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color.

    Butterfly Flutterby is a gorgeous lustrous aqua with lime green glitter.

    April Love is a beautiful lilac purple with subtle flecks of silver and blue shift, at first glance, but get it close to a light source and you will see a shift change to a vibrant violet

    Last Dance Liquid Kiss Luxe kind of reminds me of My Little Pony in gloss form. It's a pinky lavender with green shift and gold & bronze holo-shimmers.
    I also ordered the following items with the above blogger pack:


    I ordered 2 petites in Seabiscuit and Oceania (far right hand side)
    I received two samples with this order.
    Chasing Waterfalls & Danceteria (far left hand side)

    Petites come in a 3g jar w/approx. 1/4 of a tsp of product.


    With Flash


    W/O Flash
    Color Description:

    Seabiscuit is a stunning reddish brown metallic inspired by the beautiful coat of famous bay stallion Seabiscuit, who was best known for winning a race against 4:1 odds

    Oceania is a gorgeous iridescent royal blue with pretty rainbow shimmer

    Danceteria is not for the glitter shy! It's a super sparkly metallic silver with just a rainbow of glitter!

    Chasing Waterfalls icy cornflower blue with sprinkles of opalescent micro glitter

    Overall Thoughts
    All I can say is these eyeshadows are AMAZING!!  I have used them at least 6 times since I received my order about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  They are so pigmented and long lasting!  I've used e.l.f. e/s primer and NYX JP in different colors and these colors stayed on!  I didn't have any issues with creasing or fading which is awesome (I haven't tried these e/s with out primer or a base).

    The Liquid Kiss Luxe was awesome!  What I loved about it was when applied it went on smoothly on my lips and not goopy or thick.  What was also truly awesome about it was that it lasted a good 3 hours before I had to reapply.  When it started to lose it's texture, it left an tint on my lips.  I hope you all understand what I mean, but it was like I still had it on but I really didn't.  Like when you wear lipstick and it leaves like a hint of color on your lips after it starts to fade away.  I'm sorry I should of taken a picture so you all could understand, but anyways all I did was add some chapstick and I was set.

    If you have not tried indie companies I would recommend you start here at Darling Girl Cosmetics.  I know you will enjoy the colors.  She has tons of different colors and collections to choose from.  I plan on putting in another order tomorrow...when it's payday!!

    I give her 5 stars!!

    Here is a quick look I did using the e/s:


    Used:  My Little Pony (inner corner), April Love (outer corner blending up on the crease) and Sugar Minuet (outer corner)

    Pic taken with flash


    Pic taken with no flash and natural light

    Pic taken with no flash and natural light

    I hope you all try this company out and I have another awesome indie company review coming up next week!! Stay tuned!

    Till next time....Stay Beautiful!!
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Sigma's Miss Taylor Kabuki Brush Winner!

    Hola Chicas!!!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend!  Thank you to all of you who entered!
     Pooja_G is the winner!!! 
    You have 48 hours to respond to my email.  If not another winner will be chosen.

    Thank you all!!
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Once again a new winner....

    Buenas Dias a todos!!  My 2nd place winner never contacted me so here is the new winner:

    Barb - 2nd place - $50 MAC Gift Certificate

    Please contact me within 48 hours (Aug. 2nd) to claim your gift certificate.  If not I will have to choose another winner.  My email is prisd88@gmail.com.

    Thank you all!!

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