"God you taste GOOD!"

    Has your guy ever said that to you? Or have any of your friends ever wondered why you smell like Cake or Caramel? Coconut or Root Beer? There are so many beauty products in the market that smell divine (and have adorable packaging..you know how I am with packaging). They are even beneficial for your skin! They dont deplete your moisture content or dry your skin out. They dont cause allergic reactions or hives. All they do, is lather up, scrub, smooth, lotion up and on your skin and THEY SMELL GOOD. Like SO good....trust me, you wont stop smelling yourself. And if you're single, it will definetly attract the men..the good kind! If you live in Vancouver, BC you should check out OPEN SUNDAES (at your local Bay!!), they are for sure going to give your body the treat it deserves! You can find philosophy products as well as Dylan's Candy Bar products at Sephora. Cake Beauty can be found in your local hairsalons and beauty retailers.

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