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    "Crave Vancouver---"The Urban's Girl's Manifesto" is the ultimate guide to the places women Crave in Vancouver"

    If you've never picked up a copy of Crave Vancouver, you are seriously missing out. It has tons of information about women entrepreneurs in Vancouver. Lots of local talents and companies that have started small and have gained cult followings! You wouldn't believe the number of female business owners in the lower mainland and if you're someone who is looking to start a small business, you can get tons of information from the ladies about the highs and lows and challenges of being a small business owner. It also gives insight on where to go, what annual events there are and just an all round book about women you need to know. You get pick up a copy just about anywhere. I got mine for Bodacious on Main St.Source URL:
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An Ode to Lancome

    Im not a biased makeup artist or makeup junkie. I'll try just about anything because I believe all lines have products that are successful even if I wont use them. However, I do have my favorites. I LOVE Lancome. Its been a staple in my makeup kit since I started wearing makeup (at 12!!!). My mom, aunt, cousins, grandma, everyone around me has always used Lancome. So it made sense that when I finished school, Lancome became a company I wanted to work for. Now 2 years later, Im a makeup artist/demo for Lancome in the Lower Mainland. LOVE IT! So i've dedicated this post to Lancome's newest products and 3 of the best selling products. You have to believe me when I say Lancome has the BEST SELLING MASCARA in the world. Hands down, no one does it better. Hypnose and Definicils are the best of the best, and more recently we launched Oscillation, the 1st vibrating mascara wand that recreates the motion of a makeup artist. You'll have a false eye lashe effect with just a touch of a button!!! TRUST ME, IT WORKS!!! And just an added bonus is Bi-facil...the trusted eye makeup remover that you'll find in every makeup-ista and makeup artist's kits.
    Aaron de May launched Pink Irreverance, a gorgeous collection of pink and color that will bring out the femininity that every woman wants. The glosses are gorgeous shades and 6-hour long wear!
    The 2 more recent launches are Ageless Minerale Powder and Genefique. Ageless Minerale is Lancome's first skin-perfecting mineral powder with White Sapphire Complex. You'll brush away signs of aging and be left with a long-wearing, poreless, shine-free, luminous complexion.
    And saving the best for last, Genefique. A youth-activating serum that the specialists and scientists at Lancome have been working on for 10 YEARS!! Genefique isn't a serum, its an activator that will activate your own skin's youth genes to bring back a brighter, more youthful luminous complexion. I just started using it and im not even joking, its already working. Believe me, i wouldn't bs you at all. Its AMAZING. It's available right now and if I were you, i'd seriously go and buy it.

    So, nuff said. I heart Lancome and i gurantee, once you start using Lancome, you'll heart it to. And just as a side note, im Persian, my whole family is Persian, if you know anything about most Persians, they aren't as willing to believe "hype" when it comes to beauty products, BUT, if my mom, aunts, cousins and grandma are using Lancome and are willing to try new things and invest in a luxury brand BELIEVE ME, IT WORKS. But dont take my word for it, take the word of the enourmousy huge clientelle and following.

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Just a bit of shameless self promotion

Canadian MakeUp Show

    "This spring, Vancouver will be playing host to what promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting trade shows the Canadian makeup industry has ever seen."

    April 4th and 5th, 2009, the PNE will be hosting the Canadian Makeup Show. I am SUPER excited!! There are some Key Note Speakers such as Sharon Gault who does LADY GAGA'S makeup (her makeup always look INSANE and flawless!!!!). Check out all the info at:
    Even if you're not a makeup artist, its a good place to get wholesale priced products such as makeup brushes..good quality..super cheap!!Source URL:
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"God you taste GOOD!"

    Has your guy ever said that to you? Or have any of your friends ever wondered why you smell like Cake or Caramel? Coconut or Root Beer? There are so many beauty products in the market that smell divine (and have adorable know how I am with packaging). They are even beneficial for your skin! They dont deplete your moisture content or dry your skin out. They dont cause allergic reactions or hives. All they do, is lather up, scrub, smooth, lotion up and on your skin and THEY SMELL GOOD. Like SO me, you wont stop smelling yourself. And if you're single, it will definetly attract the men..the good kind! If you live in Vancouver, BC you should check out OPEN SUNDAES (at your local Bay!!), they are for sure going to give your body the treat it deserves! You can find philosophy products as well as Dylan's Candy Bar products at Sephora. Cake Beauty can be found in your local hairsalons and beauty retailers.

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Jealousy, Thy name is Oz

    Im not a very jealous person. Its just something I chose to teach myself when I was younger. Not to say ive never felt any type of envy..i think most people have. However, the 5 ladies that fill this page are ladies that I am extremely jealous of. They are 5 of the top Celebrity and Fashion makeup artists in the world. Rachel Goodwin, Gucci Westman, Charlie Green, Charlotte Tillbury and Pat McGrath. Every makeup artist dreams of making it big. Whether in film, television, fashion, print, theater, beauty, the list goes on and on. These ladies have done it. Between the 5 of them, they have probably worked with every Supermodel, Oscar Winners and "It" Girls alive. Gucci Westman was Lancome's International Artistic Director and just left in December to join Revlon as their new Global Artistic Director. Charlie Greene has been at the helm of fashion houses and was a mentor for the competing Makeup Artists on "Blush, The Next Great Makeup Artist" Charlotte Tillbury, who just this past November, beautified all the Victoria's Secret Angels. She also coordinated Charlotte Ronson's Show along with Flirt! Cosmetics. Rachel Goodwin, is a Chanel makeup artist who works withe Hillary Duff, Natalie Portman and Penelope Cruz just to name a few. Pat McGrath has been called the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue magazine, she's worked for almost every fashion house ever and has the privledge of working with the most amazing photographers in the world. She is also the Artistic Director of Procter and Gamble.
    Needless to say, these are just a few of amazing talents in the makeup industry but you gotta admit, if you were me, you'd want all their jobs.

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Cutesy Collections

    The appeal of makeup shopping for most people is in the packaging. Ill be the first to admit, the more appealing the packaging is, the more likely I am to be drawn towards it and want to own it. Im notorious for buying products just because they look cute..mind you, i never actually use them. But please, dont follow my habit. These are a few fabulous new collections, Stila Loves Barbie (celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday), MAC's Hello Kitty (that devilish kitty is not only cute but now sexy! who wudda thunk it) and Paul and Joe for Disney (lets admit, we've all loved the luminousity and dewy-ness of Disney characters both "human" and animals.)Source URL:
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So, its been a while..but here's something new :D

    For all you fashion and makeup savvy insiders and even for those of you who may not follow the fashion scene as much but love makeup, its always important to know what makeups look good when. Fashion is seasonal. In Spring time, they show for Fall/Autumn. Therefore, we are able to know what to look for in makeup, hair and nails months in
    advance. It helps make our shopping so much easier and also helps us to not fall into makeup ruts of doing the same look with the same makeup with the same tools year in, year out. So here are a few makeup looks straight from the runways: FULL BROWS-you may not be someone who changes your brow shape but believe it or not, many do according to what goes on in Fashion. But anyways, come fall, fuller brows is the look to go with rather than thin and worm-like. METALLICS AND LUXE LASHES-metallics are always a go to right after summer, working into early fall so keep at it, only come fall, go for sexy, lush lashes...lots of mascara and GOOD mascara is the key to having lashes that will be the envy of everyone around you. BRIGHT LIPS-save the red for the winter months, bright lips is the way to go, where you go with a gorgeous pink or coral, make your lips be the standout of an otherwise nude face. And finally, the never-fail SMOKEY EYE-need I say more? Its the epitome of sexy makeup and especially with jet-straight hair, you'll be the envy of every girl.....and guy.Source URL:
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