Tis the season

    The holiday season is here and as we all know that means Christmas parties and New Year celebrations.  It is one of the seasons where we dress up the most, do our hair more often and touch up our makeup more than we care to admit as we all know the pictures will end up either on Facebook or Twitter or *gasp* a stranger's camera!  Needless to say, the holiday season is one of the times we need to look our best for more than one day.
    And to help make it a bit easier, here are some of my favorite holiday trends that will get your through the celebrations.  

    1. Matte Red Lipstick- Red lipstick is always a staple for the holidays and this year matte shades are popping up all over celebrity lips.
    To ensure a smooth coverage possible and to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, prep your lips by exfoliating with a scrub in circular motions and then moisturizing your lips with a lip moisturizer then fill your entire lip area with a matching lipliner before applying your lipstick.  Your lips will remain red even after all the kisses and sips of champagne.

    2. Soft Metallic Shadows-Metallic eyeshadow is one of my favorite things about the holiday season.  I love the festiveness and the glow it gives your eyes.  The beauty of soft metallics is that it flatters almost all skin tones.  Take any shade of metallic, be it a soft gunmetal grey or gilded golden shades and dust from the lashline up, smoking it ever so slightly into the crease.  Take it even one step further and dust the excess on your bottom lash line.  It will make your eyes pop and look 'oh so sexy'.

    3. Black liquid liner- Definitely one of the more popular makeup applications hands down. More likely known for the 50's wigged out looks or a la Gwen Stefani, but for the holiday season, just a simply black line is all you need.  
    To keep your arm steady, place your elbow on a counter or flat surface and begin from the inside near the tear duct and using small, straight strokes, apply the liner as close to your lash line as possible, stopping at the end of your lash line. 
    This holiday trend will make your eyes stand out, with a very smoldering, come hither look which can come in handy if there is mistletoe around!  

    4. Sheer Gloss- Winter is about paler skin tones and sheer shades of candy colored pinks and raspberry give a flattering pop of color.  Seductive in the most subtle way, sheer gloss barely there makeup the pop it needs to remain sexy yet not overly done up.  This is a perfect trend for ladies who where minimal makeup but are looking for that extra oomph. 

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Burn Baby Burn!

    Christmas is 24 days away.  Which means New Year's Eve is 30 days away. Which means??? New Year's Resolutions that we (read: I) are unlikely to follow through with after the consumption of copious amounts of food and beverages. What's a girl to do?!

    Ahah! (picture a light bulb) By george I've got it! TASKFORCE HEALTH AND FITNESS!  Taskforce fitness is your mobile one stop source for all your fitness and health needs.  With award-winning trainers and athletes, Taskforce Health and Fitness is the place to start getting your butt back in shape or continuing to keep it healthy. Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, you can contact Taskforce Trainers at taskforcefitness@yahoo.ca  

    After all, a healthy body provides for healthy skin and a glow that money nor makeup can buy!

    So come on Ladies and Gents, lets start our resolutions now and step into the New Year feeling fabulous! 
    Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/12/
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