Do you ever FOTD forget?

    I have to ask, as I’ve been doing this waaaay too often recently. Do you guys ever FOTD forget? You play with your make up stash, you like the look you did enough to grab a few snaps for future blogging. Then when you finally get around to having some net time to post said images you have totally forgot what products you’ve used. I’m doing this so much of late. In fairness it can also be argued that it is silly to have so many products that you could easily not know which gold eyeshadow you used! Tee hee.
    So do you do this? Hopefully I’m not alone here and it’s not just another sign of getting old!

    So I’m thinking from now on I am going to have to snap the cosmetic sitting on my table before I put them away to remind me what the hell I used.

    So on that note here’s a forgotten FOTD. It's um..purple?

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If Julia Roberts did it, you should too

    Wear Lancome Definicils Precious Cells that is. Definicils Precious Cells is the new mascara from the brilliant mascara minds at Lancome. As we all know, and if you don't seriously, you should, Definicils is one of Lancome's best selling mascaras. Precious Cells is an anti-aging moisturizer from Lancome's Absolue line of anti-aging products. Put them together and you have a mascara that regenerates the condition of your lashes. It promotes anti-lash loss while fortifying your lashes one by one. One of the ingredients that assists in this is Arginine, which is an amino acid that is known for its nourishing properties. And as a bonus, your lashes are strengthened. You will also notice less lash fallout upon removal with makeup remover.

    Definicils Precious Cells gives you lash by lash separation. You won't get a voluminous look with this mascara but you will get gorgeous separation and definition. The multi-faceted brush allows for a fullness without the heavy mascara look but rather a nice, natural finish.

    I think the best way to describe Definicils Precious Cells is that its like skin care for your lashes. Seriously.

    **no endorsement implied**
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Thanks and Following freebies

    The lovely Emma over at Computergirl's Musings reminded me the other day that I have been blogging for well over a year now (thanks sweetie and happy Blogiversary to you too!).
    Time fly silly quick, too quick of late. I can't believe it's mid September already. I've already had to start putting the heating as it's so cold.
    Any way I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the folks that follow my blog and that I have chatted to over the last year. I love reading everyone's pages and joining in with all the cosmetic madness. Addicted and happy to admit it!
    Also I have decided what I am making for my next giveaway, it's going to have a movie theme. A pair of mittens and hat inspired by Twilight and a scarf inspired by Harry Potter. Once I have these made and a couple of make up products purchased I will get it up and started.
    Hope you guys are having a great week (thankfully it's hump day). Roll on FRIDAY!
    E xxxx
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We all love a bit of Nude and a freebie

    I'm a sucker for nude lipstick. I have so many it's a bit silly really. I tend to wear bold eye colours a lot of the time so nudes are a happy way to keep them balanced. However I have been going for a bold lip more often these days. That being said I was in a supermarket the other day and there was a three for two offer on. Yip, I can't walk passed these ever. Technically I only needed one item, which was another tube of Max Faxtor's lash extension effect mascara, as I had ran out (it's my every day go to mascara). Then I spied these L'oreal numbers.
    These are in their blonde range, I'm not blonde but who cares! Tee hee

    Number 253 on the left and 233 on the right.

    They do have a bit of a scent about them but this doesn't really bother me. I love the look and the feel of them. My lips but very much better.

    Number 253 above

    Number 233 above

    So folks, what's your favourite nude lippie?

    On another note I have noticed today that my followers is now up to 250! YIPPPEEEEE
    Now I won't celebrate too much about this as the number has been going up and down of late. What I will say is thanks so much to all those following. I'm so over the moon about this and glad that I have a little space to bang on about my joy of make up. I will be planning another give away soon. I shall be purchasing a few things for it (now that I have hit the number). I will also be making a knitted pair of mittens and a scarf to go with whatever products I get. As this will be coming out of my pocket it will be little items but I just want to show how much I appreciate you guys.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


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