And Im not just saying that cuz my face looks good ;-) I kid, I kid. But my skin IS pretty good and has gotten even better since I started using the masks from myfaceworks

    myfaceworks are a phenomenon. They are masks, "sheet" masks as they put so simply and they are foolproof! They are no mess, no fuss masks that come in 13 different treatments ranging from replenishing masks to green tea detox masks to a crystal fiber mask! There are so many options available and for every skin type that I guarantee that you will fall in love and myfaceworks masks will be a part of daily skin care regime (which you have..right?!!!)

    I tried the Vitamin C-Radiance and I kid you not, I had neighbors asking me in the elevator what Ive been doing to my face and what products I've been using because they noticed a difference. I quote " ur skin looks brighter".

    I think I've said what needs to be said. You MUST buy myfaceworks masks. Other than for the obvious reason of them being on the verge of cult status (and they are this close!), why wouldn't you treat your skin? Your skin deserves it and you deserve it.

    Visit to see the variety of masks they offer and how you can get yours today.

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Promises, Promises

    I realize that I've promised to blog more often many times and I haven't. I realize I suck. BUT I would hope that you would be more than willing to forgive me if you knew that I've been very busy and opportunities have come my way and things are going swimmingly. I will, honest to goodness, start blogging more. How consistent it will be, that I can't promise. At least you're happy for me right? Right??Source URL:
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A fond farewell...thanks guys

    Hey there folks.

    Firstly I want to start this post by saying thank you to anyone who has ever followed my blog, commented or just dipped into it now and then.

    Unfortunately I, like the title suggests, will no longer be blogging/posting. As much as I totally love the blogging world other career priorities are just taking over and they need to come first.

    I’m finding myself with less and less time to do any blogging what so ever, reading or posting. I don’t want to be updating just once a month or leave it to frizzle out so I thought I would give thanks to you folks and say cheerio.

    I will be keeping the page open in the hope that I will still have some time in the future to pop on and read what everyone has been up to.

    So happy cosmetic adventures to you guys. It’s been great.

    ExSource URL:
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Oh you Snob and MIA

    Firstly I just want to say sorry for the lack of posts. I was away for a long weekend and got food poisoning on the way back home. Felt horrible with no energy for days so wasn't up to blogging. Plus work hasn't been great but annny way.
    Thought I would post a little something about a MAC lippie I picked up a few weeks back.
    I went in with the idea of getting the "Girl about Town" lipstick. I've seen it online so much that I really fancied it. However when I got to the MAC store "Snob" caught my eye. I have a couple of bright pink lipsticks that I don't wear as often as I should so I thought I would get this instead (however I fully intend to get GAT as well). Snob is not the normal type of pink I would wear. Far paler than I'm used to but I really like it on and have worn it so often since I bought it. I like the satin finish too. Having only bought my first MAC lippie within the last year I am officially a fan now. I have my eye on quite a few!
    So folks, do you have a favourite MAC lipstick?
    Oh and I also finished the scarf for my giveaway! Got the mitts and hat to do although it'll have to be put to the side at the moment as I am working on a Christmas project for my mum that is rather big so I want to get it all done so there is no last minute freak out!
    Hope you are all well and HELLO FRIDAY!
    E x
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    so for some reason.. I cannot get my picture to work.... so here is the list of Items that I used for this video...

    MAC - Carbon e/s
    MAC - Teal Pigment
    MAC - Brule e/s
    MAC - Feline Kohl Eyeliner

    This was a very easy and simple look...


    Hearts and Stars...,

    Source URL:
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Do you ever FOTD forget?

    I have to ask, as I’ve been doing this waaaay too often recently. Do you guys ever FOTD forget? You play with your make up stash, you like the look you did enough to grab a few snaps for future blogging. Then when you finally get around to having some net time to post said images you have totally forgot what products you’ve used. I’m doing this so much of late. In fairness it can also be argued that it is silly to have so many products that you could easily not know which gold eyeshadow you used! Tee hee.
    So do you do this? Hopefully I’m not alone here and it’s not just another sign of getting old!

    So I’m thinking from now on I am going to have to snap the cosmetic sitting on my table before I put them away to remind me what the hell I used.

    So on that note here’s a forgotten FOTD. It's um..purple?

    ExSource URL:
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If Julia Roberts did it, you should too

    Wear Lancome Definicils Precious Cells that is. Definicils Precious Cells is the new mascara from the brilliant mascara minds at Lancome. As we all know, and if you don't seriously, you should, Definicils is one of Lancome's best selling mascaras. Precious Cells is an anti-aging moisturizer from Lancome's Absolue line of anti-aging products. Put them together and you have a mascara that regenerates the condition of your lashes. It promotes anti-lash loss while fortifying your lashes one by one. One of the ingredients that assists in this is Arginine, which is an amino acid that is known for its nourishing properties. And as a bonus, your lashes are strengthened. You will also notice less lash fallout upon removal with makeup remover.

    Definicils Precious Cells gives you lash by lash separation. You won't get a voluminous look with this mascara but you will get gorgeous separation and definition. The multi-faceted brush allows for a fullness without the heavy mascara look but rather a nice, natural finish.

    I think the best way to describe Definicils Precious Cells is that its like skin care for your lashes. Seriously.

    **no endorsement implied**
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Thanks and Following freebies

    The lovely Emma over at Computergirl's Musings reminded me the other day that I have been blogging for well over a year now (thanks sweetie and happy Blogiversary to you too!).
    Time fly silly quick, too quick of late. I can't believe it's mid September already. I've already had to start putting the heating as it's so cold.
    Any way I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the folks that follow my blog and that I have chatted to over the last year. I love reading everyone's pages and joining in with all the cosmetic madness. Addicted and happy to admit it!
    Also I have decided what I am making for my next giveaway, it's going to have a movie theme. A pair of mittens and hat inspired by Twilight and a scarf inspired by Harry Potter. Once I have these made and a couple of make up products purchased I will get it up and started.
    Hope you guys are having a great week (thankfully it's hump day). Roll on FRIDAY!
    E xxxx
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We all love a bit of Nude and a freebie

    I'm a sucker for nude lipstick. I have so many it's a bit silly really. I tend to wear bold eye colours a lot of the time so nudes are a happy way to keep them balanced. However I have been going for a bold lip more often these days. That being said I was in a supermarket the other day and there was a three for two offer on. Yip, I can't walk passed these ever. Technically I only needed one item, which was another tube of Max Faxtor's lash extension effect mascara, as I had ran out (it's my every day go to mascara). Then I spied these L'oreal numbers.
    These are in their blonde range, I'm not blonde but who cares! Tee hee

    Number 253 on the left and 233 on the right.

    They do have a bit of a scent about them but this doesn't really bother me. I love the look and the feel of them. My lips but very much better.

    Number 253 above

    Number 233 above

    So folks, what's your favourite nude lippie?

    On another note I have noticed today that my followers is now up to 250! YIPPPEEEEE
    Now I won't celebrate too much about this as the number has been going up and down of late. What I will say is thanks so much to all those following. I'm so over the moon about this and glad that I have a little space to bang on about my joy of make up. I will be planning another give away soon. I shall be purchasing a few things for it (now that I have hit the number). I will also be making a knitted pair of mittens and a scarf to go with whatever products I get. As this will be coming out of my pocket it will be little items but I just want to show how much I appreciate you guys.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


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New Vid: Bright Blue

    Bright Blue Look

    Lancome – Le Crayon Kohl, Black Lapis

    Lancome - Color Design E/S, Drama

    Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pin – Black

    MAC – Feline Kohl Pencil

    MAC – Brule

    MAC – Peachtwist Blush

    Lancome – Color Design Lipstick in Natural Beauty

    Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black

    Check it out:

    This is one of my fave looks!:)

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Lauren Luke - Purple Look ( Look and Review)

    From my San Fran Haul, I picked up the Lauren Luke Pallet. It is called " My Fierce Violets"

    So here is the Look from it... Video is up on YouTube... Check it out

    Things used in the YouTube Video:

    Lauren Luke – Violet Pallet

    MAC - Feline Kohl Pencil

    Mascara – Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black


    I really like this pallet. Your whole face is one pallet.I love that fact that your main color in this case it is called crushed lilac is really big in size. I can not wait to grab all of the other pallets Lauren has to offer.

    It gets a 4 out of 5 kisses

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Its the Freshwearer

    Like freshmaker...get it?..mentos? freshmaker..freshwearer? No?

    Anyways, the brilliant minds at Lancome have come out with a new foundation called Teint Idole Fresh Wear . Fresh Wear ( as us industry insiders like to call it ;-) ) is a 18-hour long-wear matte, retouch free makeup. Fresh wear , to me, feels like a tinted moisturizer. You don't get the feeling as though you're wearing a full coverage foundation but you get the coverage that you need. You get a beautiful dewy look after application and the beauty is, you need so little of this product. I would recommend only apply where you really need it, which for most individuals is on their T-zone. A little goes a long way and I would suggest applying with a racoon brush (aka stipple brush). Teint Idole Fresh Wear has "shine control technology that keeps the skin looking fresh all day". You get a matte, flawless finish without the need to retouch.

    I will admit that I've always been wary of long-wear makeup. There are A LOT of product lines out there that advertise long-wear makeup and to be honest, some REALLY don't work.
    At the risk of sharing TMI, I sweat, a lot, when its hot and humid outside. I live in Toronto right now and as anyone on the east 'coast' knows, humidity is DISGUSTINGLY high out here. My friend sent me a text the other day saying : "17 days of july were 35 or more with humidity, I swear its not usually like this!" This just shows how horrible the weather is. As for wearing makeup, I don't. Or I should say didn't, until I got Teint Idole Fresh Wear !!

    I'd been on the look out for long wear foundation for bridal makeup but one that would stay on well during the humid summer days. A special birdie suggested Fresh Wear to me so I thought to give it a try. I used it on myself on a hot, humid day where I had to wear a full face of makeup to work. It stayed. It really really REALLY stayed. It didn't stop me from sweating (how divine would that be?!) but it stayed put and looked just as good 6 hours later when I was done work. I can promise you this, if it stayed on my face after all my gross sweat, it will stay on your face.

    Teint Idole Fresh Wear comes in 12 shades, in simple packaging at an affordable $40/24ml. It is safe for all skin types and it is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and Dermatologist tested.

    You can pick up your own at your nearest departments store, shopper's drug mart, beauty retailer or online at

    Go get!

    **no endorsement implied**
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New Mascaras....

    So I have been using the new MAC mascara... It is called Opulash. It has a really big brush and I must say I think I like it. I just got it so it has only been a week or so but I am loving the big brush. MAC and I have always had a love /hate relationship when it comes to their mascaras. The only reason I wanted to try this one is because of the brush. It is huge and I am a sucker for big brushes.

    I have always been a fan of Dior Show and Bad Gal but think I might add this one to my list.

    Let me know if you have tried it. I would love to know what you guys think.


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First Blog

    Hello out there... This is my first Blog... Wooo hoooo

    So this blog is dedicated to all things makeup and beauty. This is where all you will be the first to know what I think about everything and I cant rant and rave about things without making a video. ( HEE HEE)

    So There...

    In the words of my Favorite Youtube Vloger... Lauren Luke

    "ZOOM ZOOM"!
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American Woman

    Was the theme for the MET Costume Gala (Metropolitan Museum Institute). The Gala is an opportunity for stars to dress boldly and be a designer muse for the evening. Some actresses and models and the occasional socialite join a particular designer as their guest of the night and wear a design often custom made for them by said designer.
    This year's Gala was hosted by Oprah and Oscar de la Renta and the red carpet was, Glam at its best. While the theme of the night was " American Women: Fashioning a National Identity", the carpet was nothing short of fierce dresses, hair and makeup. Everyone looked amazing and the star couple power alone was insane.
    I've picked a few of my favorites for overall look. You might notice a trend in some of the dress shapes that i've chosen. What can I say, I love Old hollywood

    photos from People Magazine www.people.comSource URL:
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Lizzie McGuire grew up

    There are a lot of Hollywood starlets whom I think more often than not look impeccable. They looks stylish from head to toe.
    One of my FAVORITES is Hillary Duff. She's a tiny little thing but she always looks phenomenal so i decided to post some of my favorite makeup photos of her. Truth be told, I'd DIE to do her makeup one day down the road but more so than anything, its her makeup artist that I'm regularly inspired by, Chanel makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin.
    Aside from being a Hollywood mogul, she's even engaged to a Canuck (Mike Comrie-his family owns the Brick) and sports a rock the size of my head (if you've never met me, i think i have an abnormally large head) and to make matters worse she has a bag/sunglasses/scarf collection that I would DIE for. For reals.Source URL:
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Oscar Beauties

    I just wanted to share a few of my favorite Oscar looks for makeup & hair.  While the majority of Hollywood's A-list beauties looked stunning, I chose some that stood out to me and also because I'm partially biased (I heart Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock and would die of joy if I could do their makeup one day).  And Carey Mulligan is just adorable in a Mia Farrow kind of way.  I also LOVE her earrings.
    What I loved about all 3 ladies was, their makeup and hair just made sense. Everything flowed beautifully. Sandra, in a stunning gold Marchesa dress with a bright raspberry lip, a defined eye and sleek hair was perfection. Rachel, with her gorgeous floral Elie Saab Haute Couture, a soft up-do and soft, yet defined makeup, looked heavenly. And Carey Mulligan, in a black Prada, with her pixie cut and chandelier earrings had very understated makeup that suited her exquisitely. These ladies exemplified what I felt was Oscar glamour at its finest.

     A few honorably mentions are Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Penelope Cruz, and Miley Cyrus. 

    My least favorite look was Nicole Richie.  I felt the makeup was more appropriate for the Grammy's.  She's a gorgeous girl and does fashion better than most people but she looks best to me when she's got less makeup on and has that glow that suits her so beautifully.  While the makeup itself was a perfect application, I felt the makeup and the girl didn't suit each other in the best way. I still love her though!

    I hope you enjoy my favorite looks! Can't wait to see what next year will bring

    All photos from
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The Naked Gold Man

    The 2010 Academy Awards are tomorrow, Sunday March 7, 2010.  If you know anything about me, you know that I love watching awards.  The gowns, the hair, the MAKE UP!  I also love movies and root for my own favorites.  You better believe there will some of my favorite looks of the Oscars posted here so keep your eyes peeled!Source URL:
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It's all about the Gold

    Lancome teamed up with Vancouver native, photographer and artist extraordinare Raphael Mazzuco along with his makeup artist wife Lisa Marie,  to create an amazing limited edition makeup box collection called Gold Fascination representing Canada's female athletes focused on winning Gold Medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Games.  

    Friday February 5th there will be a Red Carpet Fashionista Event at Studio 538 that you don't want to miss!

    Check out the video of how the artwork came about:

    Source URL:
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GO CANADA!!!!....and Riversol!!!!

    Some exciting news about the Olympics and about the fabulous skin care line RIVERSOL. Riversol is the EXCLUSIVE skin care line for the Canadian Olympic Skiing Teams. The athletes loved the lines, especially with how well protected their skin is due to the harsh weather conditions they endure with all their training and competing.

    So when the Olympics Skiers are performing, don't forget to cheer them on and be impressed by how well maintained their skin is ;-)

    GO CANADA GO!!!Source URL:
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New Year, New Resolutions!!

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday Season!!!!
    Now that we are in 2010, I urge you all to make some skin care and makeup resolutions!! Such as: "I promise to wash off all my makeup before going to sleep" or " I am going to try new shades of eye shadows or lip glosses" or even "I promise to drink lots of water, exercise as often as I can, and treat my skin in luxurious products because it deserves to be treated as such".

    Trust me, you ARE worth it now you've just got to stick to it.

    Much love for a fabulous 2010!Source URL:
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