And Im not just saying that cuz my face looks good ;-) I kid, I kid. But my skin IS pretty good and has gotten even better since I started using the masks from myfaceworks

    myfaceworks are a phenomenon. They are masks, "sheet" masks as they put so simply and they are foolproof! They are no mess, no fuss masks that come in 13 different treatments ranging from replenishing masks to green tea detox masks to a crystal fiber mask! There are so many options available and for every skin type that I guarantee that you will fall in love and myfaceworks masks will be a part of daily skin care regime (which you have..right?!!!)

    I tried the Vitamin C-Radiance and I kid you not, I had neighbors asking me in the elevator what Ive been doing to my face and what products I've been using because they noticed a difference. I quote " ur skin looks brighter".

    I think I've said what needs to be said. You MUST buy myfaceworks masks. Other than for the obvious reason of them being on the verge of cult status (and they are this close!), why wouldn't you treat your skin? Your skin deserves it and you deserve it.

    Visit to see the variety of masks they offer and how you can get yours today.

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