How To Repair Broken Eyeshadows

    My lovely husband managed to knock my makeup case over last night and sent everything flying across the bathroom. Sure enough, more than one eye shadow was broken.

    I thought that there would be no better time to show you how to repair broken eyeshadows rather than throwing them out!

    There are quite a few ways to do this, and there are also products you can buy to help press the powder back into the pan. The easiest way I have found, is from a tutorial from Kandee Johnson. This video explains exactly what you will need, and how to press your eyeshadows again!

    Just to show you how it all turns out, here are the Before and After photos of my eyeshadows;

    A few of my shadow mess before repair

    And After (before drying). I vary the way I press my eyeshadows slightly as I find it quicker, and I don't mind if mine don't have a flat surface again, as long as they are in one piece!

    I find that using paper towel or tissue and a coin when pressing the eyeshadow often tends to pick up much of the product and feels quite wasteful. Instead (making sure I have clean hands) I press the powder into place with my finger tip. I find that this is easier to control, and you don't lose as much product. You can be as fussy as you want when pressing the shape back - as you can tell I don't mind much about how the surface looks!

    Hope I've taught you a way to rescue some of your eyeshadows!

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Happy New Years!

    I hope you all have a wonderful time tonight bringing in 2012.

    2011 has been a big year for me with so many things happening, so I'm hoping that next year will begin to be a little more settled for me. I think my New Year's Resolution is going to be to not work so much and spend more time with my family. That being said, I still have many goals to work towards in the next year!

    Thankyou to all of my readers for following along and encouraging me to continue blogging, I hope to bring you many more posts throughout the next year!

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    I am a big fan of Maybelline’s Dream Nude foundations. This line must be popular with many people since they keep adding to it with different types of foundations. I especially like the Dream Nude Mousse. So I was intrigued to find the new Dream Nude Airfoam. It is $10.99 at Walgreens without any specials this week. I purchased Porcelain Ivory since I am very fair. It has a SPF 16 sunscreen in it, but given that the sunscreen is chemical, I would not count on it for protection. Make sure to use a moisturizer or regular sunscreen with at least 30 in it underneath the foundation for the best protection.

    The second foundation I am going to review is the Revlon Photoready Airbrush foundation, which is an extension of their Photoready line that is very popular. I found this in 001 Vanilla at Wal-Mart for $10.48. Unlike the Maybelline foundation, the Revlon one doesn’t have an SPF in it (highly unusual these days) so you will definitely need to wear at least a 15 or higher when using this.
    Revlon on left, Maybelline on Right

    This morning, 12/30/11, I decided to use the Maybelline Dream Nude Mousse. The instructions are very specific: shake, hold can upright and dispense onto a tissue the first time. I didn’t follow them. I went ahead and dispensed onto my sponge. Because I have issues with my right hand I found it hard to press the applicator. I am not sure if this will be an issue with everyone. I doubt it. Anyway, I pressed and a HUGE amount of product came out. It was very light at first and then it oxidized into the right color for my skin. Actually, the very first amount of product that came out was white but I threw that away. I found the foundation easy to blend into the skin. I did not, however, have much coverage. This disappointed me.

    This afternoon I decided to try the Revlon Airbrush foundation. I must say that there is a major difference in this one. I shook it first and when it came out it was easier and the mousse was definitely less yellow. Also, there was less of it. For me, being slightly disabled right now, it is nice so that I don’t feel I am wasting so much product. When I applied it the mousse melded right into my skin and seemed to cover a little bit better than the Maybelline one.

    When you have a mousse foundation you cannot expect it to cover like a liquid, that is the most important thing to remember. Also, because it is aerated, it will not have as much product in the container and will not last as long as other foundations. That said, it is a nice change of pace to have a mousse foundation, similar to the ones that were around in the early 1990’s! I like the Revlon one better, as it has a better tone for my skin and better coverage. I would love to hear comments from you!

    Much more impressed with the Revlon than the Mayelline. Tried the Maybelline again today and had same results: a ton of foam came out and it was very yellowish on my skin.. Tried Revlon yesterday on full face and loved it, the foam was more neutral and I didn't need a lot of it for my face to cover the entire thing. I do like the Revlon better.
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    Spring collections are starting to arrive. It is nice to have something to look forward to, with all the snow. I will do my best to have some fun as I get my hands on some key items that I want. I am waiting on my MAC Naturally order to arrive and I will definitely be reviewing that. It looks great for my coloring. So keep an eye out!
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Best Kept Secrets Part 1

    I'm going to be sharing my top products that I have tried & tested, that are a part of my own collection. After many years of testing skincare, body moisturizers, hair products & tools, these products have become my savior and I'm sure I could not function without them!

    I just want to mention that I am not getting paid to mention any of these products or brands, I just truly love them.

    I'll be doing these post in three parts, beginning with Hair tools & products.

    I have two parlux hairdryers, and they are just wonderful! They are high powered and heat enough for my professional use, and I have never used another hairdryer since I started using them in 2006. My hair is hard to control, and this keeps my hair nice and smooth.

    GHD irons are no secret anymore, but they are still something I could not live without. You can curl with these irons as well as straighten, which eliminates the need for me to carry as many tools around with me! I often have clients who request GHD curls as opposed to curling irons because of the natural look.

    Diva in a box hair extensions are amazing! Clip in hair extensions are fantastic for adding extra volume and length, and these extensions are the best quality I have come across. As a hairdresser I'm forever changing my mind on how I want my hair, and these give me the luxury to lengthen my hair in 5 minutes! They are super easy to apply, so you can do them at home too.

    As a hairdresser, I colour my hair a lot, sometimes when I know I shouldn't. Kerastase Age Recharge treatment brings my hair back to life after too much colouring, styling or anything else! I use this treatment once a week to keep my hair in good condition.

    Moroccan Oil has become one of the most popular styling/finishing product in the past year. It's fantastic as it can be applied wet or dry, and suits all types of hair.
    Available from

    Fudge Skyscraper Hairspray and I are great friends. This product gives me the hold that I need without giving hair that hard crunchy look, and smells great which is important to me as I don't want my brides smelling like bad hair products on their big day.
    Available from

    As far as styling products go, I only use TIGI Bedhead Products. I can carry these products around with me knowing that without a doubt I will have something that will work for every hair type. I truly am obsessed with these products, and the fact that they all smell like lollies makes me so happy.

    Some of the line that I'm always reaching for include Headrush Shine Spray, Queen for a Day Thickening Spray, Hard to Get Texturizing Paste and Small Talk Thickening Styler. Have a talk to your hair stylist about which product is right for your hair type, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
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    On a very brief trip to the mall yesterday I ran in to Sephora and saw, front and center, a display for their new eyeshadow line, called Prisma Chrome. These are supposedly high shine beautifully shimmery, almost holographic shadows. I purchased Sapphire Shine No 30. There are 10 beautiful colors to choose from and two brushes. The shadows run $16.00 each. I must tell you, I was so looking forward to wearing this shadow today. I guess I wanted it to brighten my spirits, so to speak. On the Sephora website they run $15.00 for some reason.



    This morning I got up, used my foundation, eyeshadow primer and the Sapphire Shine. My choice for primer was the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which works just as well as the UD Primer Potion (but that is another blog entry all together!!!). I applied the shadow to the lower lid with a brush and used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Jubilee under the brow. It made for a beautiful eye. I had the pictures all ready to go this morning, then my daughter got the camera and deleted them to take pictures of the dog. So I had to do them again this afternoon! It actually is a good thing because, as you can see the shadow really didn’t last as I had hoped. I am so disappointed. It wore off on the outer half of the eye, even with the primer and I had to reapply. I never have to reapply shadows. This is unusual and for the money I spent I am not happy. I gave you the link to all the colors. Would I purchase any of them again? I don’t think so based on this one test run. I will have to try it again, with a different primer I think. If anyone else has used these shadows I would love to hear your results!


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Bathroom Storage

    Finding a way to keep all of my products organised is an ongoing battle with my bathroom cupboard. Currently my husband & I are living in a 3 bedroom unit, decorating and fixing the place up before buying our own house. (You can follow the work we do at my other blog,

    This means that we have a teeny-tiny bathroom, with only a double door storage cupboard under the sink. With me living here. The makeup artist, hairdresser, cosmetic junkie.

    Luckily I am a very organised person already, but with such little space I have had to come up with some creative storage ideas to keep things in check. Here is a little look inside my cupboards.

    I have two of these plastic sets of drawers (you can get these from places such as Red Dot & the Reject Shop for around $10). One contains all of our medical supplies and first aid kit, and the second I use to keep all of my beauty samples, and those little pieces you collect.

    My hairbrushes are kept in one of the metal cutlery strainers you keep on your kitchen sink, and I have a plastic cosmetic holder to keep all my makeup brushes and combs in reach (available from Priceline).

    My personal makeup collection is kept in a cosmetics case I bought from Priceline (retails around $40 I think) and is great as it is a miniature version of my professional case, with three fold out compartments on each side. This is fantastic for me as I have a big jumbled collection of cosmetics. Only recently I have begun purchasing products for my personal kit as I usually keep all the products I have trialed but decided not to stock in my professional kit - you might be able to tell from a few products such as multiple Maybelline Shiny-licious Lipgloss which I used to stock before upgrading to higher pigment products.

    With such little cupboard space, there was no possible way I could fit all my multiple hair & beauty products in my bathroom, so instead just outside the door I have converted some IKEA CD/DVD towers to hold all my wonderful products. These are fantastic as they are as tall as any bookshelf, and you can adjust the shelving height as needed.

    I hope I have shown the rest of you cosmetic junkies a few new ways to help make the most of your space! What storage tricks do you use at home?

    UPDATE* I just wanted to share with all of you a post I saw on Kandee Johnson's Blog this morning about a fantastic way to store your eyeshadow palettes!!

    (click on the picture to be taken to Kandee's Blog)

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Medusa Cosmetics

    I wanted to share with you how big my Medusa Cosmetics collection has gotten - I almost have the whole line, just need to get the eyeshadow dust & eyeliner seal. I fell in love with Medusa cosmetics after receiving some of their eyeshadows, I love how highly pigmented all of the products are, great for those girls who love bright colours (and fantastic for photoshoots - since colours get washed away with the camera flash!)

    The lipgloss packaging reminds me so much of Kat Von D! Super cute. These are all the products I have in my professional kit, but I also have my favourite of the eyeshadow colours in my personal makeup kit also. All of the eyeshadows have a shimmer to them, which is great as I love the matt Sugarpill eyeshadows, so I now have go to bright colours for both matt & shimmer looks. The possibilities of makeup looks that you can do with these products is endless, but here's one I did for you.

    For this look, I first applied Stick It Eye Primer, then applied Safari Desert Rose Eyeshadow over the whole lid. I put Electro White eyeshadow in the corner of my eye, and started working out from the crease of my eyelid with Electro Pink Eyeshadow. Electro Purple Eyeshadow was used underneath my bottom lash line, and I finished with some eyeliner and false lashes.

    On my cheeks I used Dangerous Liaison Blush, and Lips I used Australis Lipstick in Flamenco, with Medusa Loverboy lipgloss over the top. You can check out Medusa Cosmetics on their website,

    Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think of the look!

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    I think you already know this, but the holiday season brings out my inner beauty nut. Beauty companies compete for our hard earned dollars with fabulous limited edition blockbuster sets that all of us fight to obtain by sometimes staying up late into the night (admit it, you have done this). Today I want to discuss my 10 favorite beauty items for the 2011 holiday season. You have gift cards and you want to spend them, am I right?


    First, let’s talk palettes. I have three palettes that I think are part of this holiday’s best offerings. Two are from Urban Decay. I am loving their Naked 2 palette ( and their 15th Anniversary Set ( I chose this over their Book of Shadows IV because of the newer shadows it had in it. Finally, the third set is a Too Faced kit that has almost everything in it, Too Faced Sweet Dreams (, which is a Sephora exclusive.


    Other items I am think are particularly special right now are: MAC False Lashes (, $19.00. I am a huge fan of mascaras and I think this one really makes lashes look long and lovely. Usually I don’t promote hair care products very much, but there are times when I cannot wash my hair because I am not feeling well. I have found the ultimate dry shampoo. It is Oscar Blandi’s Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, $23.00. A few sprays in and around the scalp and my hair is good to go for another day. And I have asked hair dressers many times, they keep telling me that constantly washing the hair can cause it to be too dry. I have mentioned before that my glowing skin is due to philosophy’s Microdelivery Mini Peel ( ), which used every day gives me the look of skin that is eternally 30ish!, $35.00 One other product I like from philosophy right now are their Miracle Worker Retinol pads that are applied in the evening. They come with a bottle of retinol that is poured over the pads and you use them up. Very nice! ( $70.00


    I am also a big lipstick and lipgloss fanatic. This season I have been digging around looking for sets that have some great colors. Lorac has one that is only $25.00 and is available at ( It has six colors in it that have a good range. This would be great for that gift card you get! These next two items are not sets, but I have to include them because they are the best made lipsticks out right now. Illamasqua and Inglot both have wonderful lipsticks. I love Illamasqua for their color range and the pigmentation they have. These lipsticks are available at or on Well worth the price. They are a little dry but you can wear lipbalm underneath to counteract that. As for Inglot, their lipsticks have a creaminess and pigmentation that are amazing but they are harder to come by. You have to either live near a store or order directly from They also have a HUGE color selection. Both of these lines also have wonderful eyeshadows. I wanted to pick those but I really wanted to pick the palettes as gift items that you should get yourselves!

    Well, this is my pick for the best out for this holiday season. I hope you like it. If not, would love to hear what you have to add as your own. I know there are so many more products. I didn’t even get to talk pigments like OCC! I guess I will have to make another list soon…

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