Caring for your Makeup Brushes

    An artist is only as good as his (or her!) tools. To create an amazing makeup application, you first need a great set of makeup brushes. To purchase a full set of makeup brushes may be quite costly, so you want to ensure that you are caring for them properly.

    Here is my guide on how to take care of your makeup tools

    • Store your brushes away from dust, and in either an upright or flat position to keep them in shape. Most makeup brush sets will come with their own pouch for storage.
    • Give your makeup brushes a quick clean after each use by spraying them with either makeup brush cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. This ensures your brushes are hygienic and free of bacteria.
    • Once a week, give your makeup brushes a good clean, using warm water and a makeup brush cleanser. For those on a budget, baby shampoo also works very well.
    • After cleaning, ensure to shape the brush back into its correct shape. If possible, leave to dry in sunlight as this help kill any left over bacteria.
    • If you want to keep the name or number on the brush from fading over time, paint the handle with the print with a coat of clear nail polish, this will save you from trying to remember when it is time to replace the brush!
    Here is a great video from one of my favourite makeup artists showing you how to care for your makeup brushes using olive oil and baby shampoo.

    If taken care of, a good set of makeup brushes should last you years.

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