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    Finding a way to keep all of my products organised is an ongoing battle with my bathroom cupboard. Currently my husband & I are living in a 3 bedroom unit, decorating and fixing the place up before buying our own house. (You can follow the work we do at my other blog,

    This means that we have a teeny-tiny bathroom, with only a double door storage cupboard under the sink. With me living here. The makeup artist, hairdresser, cosmetic junkie.

    Luckily I am a very organised person already, but with such little space I have had to come up with some creative storage ideas to keep things in check. Here is a little look inside my cupboards.

    I have two of these plastic sets of drawers (you can get these from places such as Red Dot & the Reject Shop for around $10). One contains all of our medical supplies and first aid kit, and the second I use to keep all of my beauty samples, and those little pieces you collect.

    My hairbrushes are kept in one of the metal cutlery strainers you keep on your kitchen sink, and I have a plastic cosmetic holder to keep all my makeup brushes and combs in reach (available from Priceline).

    My personal makeup collection is kept in a cosmetics case I bought from Priceline (retails around $40 I think) and is great as it is a miniature version of my professional case, with three fold out compartments on each side. This is fantastic for me as I have a big jumbled collection of cosmetics. Only recently I have begun purchasing products for my personal kit as I usually keep all the products I have trialed but decided not to stock in my professional kit - you might be able to tell from a few products such as multiple Maybelline Shiny-licious Lipgloss which I used to stock before upgrading to higher pigment products.

    With such little cupboard space, there was no possible way I could fit all my multiple hair & beauty products in my bathroom, so instead just outside the door I have converted some IKEA CD/DVD towers to hold all my wonderful products. These are fantastic as they are as tall as any bookshelf, and you can adjust the shelving height as needed.

    I hope I have shown the rest of you cosmetic junkies a few new ways to help make the most of your space! What storage tricks do you use at home?

    UPDATE* I just wanted to share with all of you a post I saw on Kandee Johnson's Blog this morning about a fantastic way to store your eyeshadow palettes!!

    (click on the picture to be taken to Kandee's Blog)

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