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    I wanted to share with you how big my Medusa Cosmetics collection has gotten - I almost have the whole line, just need to get the eyeshadow dust & eyeliner seal. I fell in love with Medusa cosmetics after receiving some of their eyeshadows, I love how highly pigmented all of the products are, great for those girls who love bright colours (and fantastic for photoshoots - since colours get washed away with the camera flash!)

    The lipgloss packaging reminds me so much of Kat Von D! Super cute. These are all the products I have in my professional kit, but I also have my favourite of the eyeshadow colours in my personal makeup kit also. All of the eyeshadows have a shimmer to them, which is great as I love the matt Sugarpill eyeshadows, so I now have go to bright colours for both matt & shimmer looks. The possibilities of makeup looks that you can do with these products is endless, but here's one I did for you.

    For this look, I first applied Stick It Eye Primer, then applied Safari Desert Rose Eyeshadow over the whole lid. I put Electro White eyeshadow in the corner of my eye, and started working out from the crease of my eyelid with Electro Pink Eyeshadow. Electro Purple Eyeshadow was used underneath my bottom lash line, and I finished with some eyeliner and false lashes.

    On my cheeks I used Dangerous Liaison Blush, and Lips I used Australis Lipstick in Flamenco, with Medusa Loverboy lipgloss over the top. You can check out Medusa Cosmetics on their website,

    Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think of the look!

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