Tis the season

    The holiday season is here and as we all know that means Christmas parties and New Year celebrations.  It is one of the seasons where we dress up the most, do our hair more often and touch up our makeup more than we care to admit as we all know the pictures will end up either on Facebook or Twitter or *gasp* a stranger's camera!  Needless to say, the holiday season is one of the times we need to look our best for more than one day.
    And to help make it a bit easier, here are some of my favorite holiday trends that will get your through the celebrations.  

    1. Matte Red Lipstick- Red lipstick is always a staple for the holidays and this year matte shades are popping up all over celebrity lips.
    To ensure a smooth coverage possible and to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, prep your lips by exfoliating with a scrub in circular motions and then moisturizing your lips with a lip moisturizer then fill your entire lip area with a matching lipliner before applying your lipstick.  Your lips will remain red even after all the kisses and sips of champagne.

    2. Soft Metallic Shadows-Metallic eyeshadow is one of my favorite things about the holiday season.  I love the festiveness and the glow it gives your eyes.  The beauty of soft metallics is that it flatters almost all skin tones.  Take any shade of metallic, be it a soft gunmetal grey or gilded golden shades and dust from the lashline up, smoking it ever so slightly into the crease.  Take it even one step further and dust the excess on your bottom lash line.  It will make your eyes pop and look 'oh so sexy'.

    3. Black liquid liner- Definitely one of the more popular makeup applications hands down. More likely known for the 50's wigged out looks or a la Gwen Stefani, but for the holiday season, just a simply black line is all you need.  
    To keep your arm steady, place your elbow on a counter or flat surface and begin from the inside near the tear duct and using small, straight strokes, apply the liner as close to your lash line as possible, stopping at the end of your lash line. 
    This holiday trend will make your eyes stand out, with a very smoldering, come hither look which can come in handy if there is mistletoe around!  

    4. Sheer Gloss- Winter is about paler skin tones and sheer shades of candy colored pinks and raspberry give a flattering pop of color.  Seductive in the most subtle way, sheer gloss barely there makeup the pop it needs to remain sexy yet not overly done up.  This is a perfect trend for ladies who where minimal makeup but are looking for that extra oomph. 

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Burn Baby Burn!

    Christmas is 24 days away.  Which means New Year's Eve is 30 days away. Which means??? New Year's Resolutions that we (read: I) are unlikely to follow through with after the consumption of copious amounts of food and beverages. What's a girl to do?!

    Ahah! (picture a light bulb) By george I've got it! TASKFORCE HEALTH AND FITNESS!  Taskforce fitness is your mobile one stop source for all your fitness and health needs.  With award-winning trainers and athletes, Taskforce Health and Fitness is the place to start getting your butt back in shape or continuing to keep it healthy. Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, you can contact Taskforce Trainers at taskforcefitness@yahoo.ca  

    After all, a healthy body provides for healthy skin and a glow that money nor makeup can buy!

    So come on Ladies and Gents, lets start our resolutions now and step into the New Year feeling fabulous! 
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Baby its cold outside!!!

    And you KNOW what that does to your skin!  
    Winter is finally here and on the east coast, its miserable.  Its cold and windy.  Lemme tell you, when I say windy we're talking Wizard-of-Oz-wind, gusts galore.  Lucky me, I live next to a wind tunnel.  Its fantastic...really :-|

    I don't know about you, but my skin and winter don't go hand in hand.  Every time november comes along, I have to change my moisturizer to something richer.  And im not the only one I presume.  It'll be a treat to your skin if you go from your basic moisturizer to something heavy, richer, more decadent.  Your skin will thank you many times over and treat you right come spring.  And to make things even easier for you, I'm going to recommend a moisturizer that i've tried and tested and can vow will make a difference.  

    Making it's second appearance on my blog is the fabulousness of Riversol T-Plus Daily Moisturizing Cream.  If you haven't read my ode to Riversol, you MUST.
    The T-plus Daily Moisturizing Cream is richness at its best, without the heavy overload of moisture.  A small nickle sized dollop of cream is enough to make your skin say "happy day, relief is finally here!" And on top of all that, you are continuously getting the benefits of this fragrance-free moisturizer that ALSO has vitamins C & E as well as Riversol's key ingredient : Thujaplicin and its perfect for ALL skin types, male or female, sensitive or extremely dry.  Really, could you ask for anything better?

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We can work it out!!!!


    I'd like to start out by apologizing for why this entry is so late.  I wanted to do Riversol justice. 

    Riversol is a fabulous anti-aging skin care line by internationally-recognized dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers.  It is run locally in British Columbia, Canada.

    Let me tell you something about skin care.  It can be tricky.  There are so many products out there that claim to do this and that and they don't.  So its rare for me to come across a skin care line that does what it claims to do.  Riversol is one of them.  
    The nifty thing about Riversol is, their whole product line contains an antioxidant called : thujaplicin (thoo.ya.pli.sin).  Thujaplicin is an extract of the Pacific Red Cedar tree.  It is a potent anti-oxidant that has both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
    Riversol's full line of products is about simplicity.  There are only 7 products in the T Plus line. 2 cleansers, 4 moisturizers and 1 serum.
    Riversol is a great choice for people with common sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and acne.  The entire line is fragrance-free as well as hypoallergenic.  It is also extremely gentle and can be used after most anti-aging skin care treatments as well as laser treatments.  Now THAT is something!

    Now, I take pretty good care of my skin. I do everything Im supposed to do and more.  Imagine the surprise when my skin started looking even better!!  
    I sampled 4 products. 

    Each one is fabulous.  The Gel Cleanser is perfect for all skin types.  It is a gentle cleanser that gives you that clean, fresh-faced feeling after washing.  
    The Daily Moisturizing Cream is equally wonderful.  You need so little yet it does so much.  Your skin won't feel oily or sticky.  It feels as though you have nothing on at all, yet your skin is soft and supple.
    The Revitalizing Eye Cream does exactly what it claims to do.  It reduces the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness. The cream is so gentle and creamy and dissolves in right away. It is super hydrating and it instantly refreshes around your eye area.
    Now the kicker for me was the Serum.  It, in one word, is DIVINE.  I have tried many a serums before. Some did good, some not so much. With this one my skin was ridiculously brighter. It felt soft to touch immediately upon application. It is just FANTASTIC.  It is extremely gentle and is used to help prevent premature aging but because it has Vitamin C, it brightens up the skin as well.  Really, really divine.

    Another big plus for me was that all Riversol products made my makeup applications so much easier.  Sometimes some skin care products take too long to absorb or can alter the way makeup goes on.  None of these products did.  It allowed for a smooth application and kept the skin hydrated all day long. And any makeup artist will tell you, that first and foremost, we need products on our clients skin that will not only stay on but will not affect our application.

    I would highly recommend Riversol skin care products.  You get what you pay for, which is a luxury skin care line made simple that works beautifully.  You can view and order the full line of Riversol products at www.riversol.com or at selected physician offices.
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Question of the Day

    I'm 29 and beginning to see aging in my face.  Mainly, around the eyes and around my mouth.  My skin is very sensitive to anything oily and I break out.  I'd like to take care of this aging.  What's an affordable skin routine you think might work for me

    If your skin is sensitive, I will also recommend you use Aveeno products.  Aveeno is a wonderful skin care line, that is affordable and will help you with your skin care concerns.  Aveeno uses natural ingredients and works fabulously for sensitive skin as well as all other skin types. Many of their skin care products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

    To help with reducing the signs of aging, I would start out by using the Positively Ageless Lifting and Firming Daily Moisturizer for your face.  For eye care, I would recommend you use Positively Ageless Lifting and Firming Eye Cream.

    What is equally as important is that you are consistent with your skin care regime.  Especially as we start to age, it gets more and more important that you ensure you stick with your regime day and night.  For day, I would also recommend that you use sunscreen, with a minimum SPF 15.  Exposure to the sun also assist in a quickened aging process for our skin.  Exfoliation is also important to help keep your skin balanced. Aveeno's Skin Brightening Daily Scrub will improve your skin's texture which also plays a role in reducing the appearance of visible aging signs.

    You can find all Aveeno products at your local beauty retailer

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Good Vibrations

    Since the launch of Oscillation, Lancome has seen an even greater jump in popularity with its mascara's. As the #1 in mascara sales in the world, they just keep knocking everyone else out of the ball park.
    Lancome's Oscillation Power Booster is the newest vibrating mascara primer from the geniuses at Lancome. The vibrating primer enhances the look of lash thickness, density and length so that naturally occurring lash growth is more visible/noticeable. Power booster has a flexible wand. It works the same way as Oscillation. You place the wand at the base of your lashes, push the button to start the vibration and draw out. You don't need multiple coats of the primer, it deposits all the product with just one sweep of the lashes. It can be paired with your favorite mascara from any line. Though, if you know what's good for your lashes, stick with Lancome's many mascara's. Your eyes will thank you.

    You can pick up Oscillation Power Booster at any Bay, Sears, Holt Renfrew, Shopper's Drug Mart, London Drugs or Sephora for $39.

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Question of the Day

    I am in desperate need of some make-up advice. My skin is horrible and now that the end of summer is here and I will be going for job interviews and hopefully working soon, I need to do something to make myself look a little less hideous. What should I use to help cover up the redness and blemishes? I have a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and powder and I find that right after I use it, my face looks more even and presentable, but it doesn't last. I will try basically anything at this point.

    I would suggest that you try a primer, they help with keeping the makeup on a lot longer as well, Laura mercier's primer is actually fantastic as is Benefit's That Gal. Benefit's primer is skin brightening but I would say if you are already using a LM tint and powder, try the primer. 
    Also, sometimes only using a tinted moisturizer won't give you the proper amount of coverage as it is much lighter than a foundation and all it does is even out the skin tone. What I would suggest is getting a concealer and using that to help cover the redness and/or blemishes. If you start out with a bit of tinted moisturizer and then use the concealer on top of your tint it will give you a flawless and well-evened out look. Also the best way to apply your powder to ensure that your makeup will stay on is to pat it on rather than swirl it on. Using a bit of force with a less amount of powder will actually aid in better staying power than using more powder in a swirling motion.

    Thanks Oz,  Any tips on applying the primer to make it hold the makeup better?

    The best way to apply primer is to apply it after your moisturizer has set and also allow it time to set before you apply your tint. Just apply all over the face as you would your tint, using a brush if you have one or fingers, dont use a sponge as it will soak up a lot of it and it'll go to waste. If you dont have a foundation brush, you can get a good one for an affordable price at Shopper's Drug Mart, QUO. try that out and let me know how it goes.
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Question of the Day

    I get little pimples on the back of my thighs. What causes this? How can I prevent them from appearing?

    The little bumps are most likely hyperkeratinization, which is extremely normal. It can happen almost anywhere on your body: back of thighs, back of arms, on your back. The best way to diminish the appearance is to exfoliate regularly and to moisturize with a heavy cream. Meaning, do not use a lotion. The exfoliation will aid in sloughing away the dead skin cells and allows the newer, fresher skin to show. Using a heavier body cream will help keep the skin's hydration levels where they need to be to prevent your skin from drying out. Shaving can also play a role in causing these little bumps. While they may not develop into in-grown hairs, the hair follicle is wide open and this allows the bacteria/dirt to enter thus causing more little white bumps. Again, exfoliation is your best bet.

    What I suggest is to exfoliate your skin 3 times a week. You don't want to over exfoliate as that can dry your skin out but just enough to keep the smoothness intact. Moisturize after every exfoliation/shower. Here is another little trick of mine. After I am done my showering/shaving/exfoliating, I always stand under the shower tap for 1 min with only cold water. It helps to close off any open pores as well!

    You can't go wrong using these:

    Sephora's Sephora Body Sugar Scrub

    Bliss's FatGirl Scrub

    Kiehl's Creme du Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Scrub

    Kiehl's Creme du Corps Body Lotion

    Philosophy's Amazing Grace Body Emulsion

    The above products can be found at:



    And to help you buff away, you can use a loofah, which can be purchased from any drugstore. However, I suggest you buy cheap ones but it bulk. It is best if you throw away your loofah after 1 month of usage. Or you can use the loofah gloves. They have a rougher texture to them and can be used both wet and dry.

    Try it out and you'll start seeing the differences right away!

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Just Stunning



    I was contacted by a representative of Skindinavia to try out their Makeup Finishing Spray. IT.IS.FANTASTIC!!
    I first tried it out on a photoshoot a girlfriend of mine was having in Vancouver, BC. There were 7 of us total and it was a SCORCHING hot day. Im thinking to myself, "there is no way this makeup is going to stay on in this weather." I was WRONG. It kept the makeup intact for the whole length of the shoot. I was impressed, however, I thought to myself, "the shoot was only 2 hours, can it handle keeping makeup on for longer?"

    I recently moved out to Toronto. If you know anything about Toronto, you'll know that in the summer, the humidity is INSANE. So I thought to myself, why not do myself up and go out during the day and see how the finishing spray works. I've got to tell you, I am VERY VERY impressed with this product. My makeup stayed on for 7 hours! 7!!! I came home looking the same way I did when I left and let me tell you something, Oz and heat, we DO NOT get along. Makeup rarely stays on my face, even the 'long wear','waterproof' makeup that some companies claim to have.
    The beauty of this product is, it is perfect for all skin types. Two of my girlfriends have very sensitive skin and react easily to products. They showed no reaction at all. It has a highly breathable formula so it feels like there is nothing extra on your skin. You can re-apply the spray multiple times during the day and it doesn't affect your makeup at all. This spray is a must have in any makeup artist's kit. Especially if you do bridal makeup in the summer months. I highly recommend you try The Makeup Finishing Spray.
    You can read up more about Skindinavia's technology and the rest of their line of mists here: Skindinavia.

    I can't wait to try the rest of the line!!
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You should....Check this out!!!


    In my close circle of friends, I am one of the only who works in a artistic field. And I like it. I like being the one all my friends ask for advice on products, purchases, trends, everything and anything to do with makeup and skin care. I enjoy being the one who takes them shopping and introduces them to products they have never heard of or tried before. I even like being a know-it-all. To be able to share my passion and love of all things makeup is ...beautiful.

    Do you remember, when you were little, playing in your mom's closet, dressing up in her clothes, trying on her makeup and using too much hairspray? The joy you felt, feeling so grown up, trying something you had never tried before, experimenting with a product not knowing the result? And then showing off to your mom, aunts, friends how pretty you looked in your coral cheeks, blue eyeshadow and red lips. If you remember that feeling, you will understand my love.

    Makeup is about experimenting, about creating, trying new things and not being afraid. Trust your instincts. Enjoy, play, have fun, don't fear trying a pink lipstick you may never have thought about or lining your eyes with a turquoise liner. Trends always start somewhere and often start with those who are fearless. Don't be afraid. Worst case scenario, you wash it off and start all over. After all, its JUST makeup ;-)Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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Fall's Beckoning

    Every season we often see similar makeup trends on the runways. Dewy skin, bronze glow, matte skin, the list goes on and on. Come Fall, we often always see stronger makeup looks. Two of my favorite are smokey eyes and red lips. The brave will wear both. The fashion savvy will wear wear only one while paring it with a neutral. Either a strong eye and soft lips or bold lips and soft eyes. I dare you to try them all.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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    Ive recently moved to Toronto, which has delayed many, many, MANY blog entries. I am still familiarizing myself with what I consider Canada's version of NYC. Its very fast-paced, go, go, go all the time and for a laid-back vancourite, it'll take some getting used to.

    That being said, if you or anyone you know would like a product review or are interested in advertising on my page, drop me a line.
    Again, shameless self-promotion :D
    Check it out :DSource URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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Forgive me

    It has been a LONG TIME since my last blog entry and I apologize. Things have been chaotic the last little while but fear not!! I will be blogging again tres soon!!

    Coming soon----PRODUCTS REVIEWS!!!

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Watch it

Crave it

    "Crave Vancouver---"The Urban's Girl's Manifesto" is the ultimate guide to the places women Crave in Vancouver"

    If you've never picked up a copy of Crave Vancouver, you are seriously missing out. It has tons of information about women entrepreneurs in Vancouver. Lots of local talents and companies that have started small and have gained cult followings! You wouldn't believe the number of female business owners in the lower mainland and if you're someone who is looking to start a small business, you can get tons of information from the ladies about the highs and lows and challenges of being a small business owner. It also gives insight on where to go, what annual events there are and just an all round book about women you need to know. You get pick up a copy just about anywhere. I got mine for Bodacious on Main St.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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An Ode to Lancome

    Im not a biased makeup artist or makeup junkie. I'll try just about anything because I believe all lines have products that are successful even if I wont use them. However, I do have my favorites. I LOVE Lancome. Its been a staple in my makeup kit since I started wearing makeup (at 12!!!). My mom, aunt, cousins, grandma, everyone around me has always used Lancome. So it made sense that when I finished school, Lancome became a company I wanted to work for. Now 2 years later, Im a makeup artist/demo for Lancome in the Lower Mainland. LOVE IT! So i've dedicated this post to Lancome's newest products and 3 of the best selling products. You have to believe me when I say Lancome has the BEST SELLING MASCARA in the world. Hands down, no one does it better. Hypnose and Definicils are the best of the best, and more recently we launched Oscillation, the 1st vibrating mascara wand that recreates the motion of a makeup artist. You'll have a false eye lashe effect with just a touch of a button!!! TRUST ME, IT WORKS!!! And just an added bonus is Bi-facil...the trusted eye makeup remover that you'll find in every makeup-ista and makeup artist's kits.
    Aaron de May launched Pink Irreverance, a gorgeous collection of pink and color that will bring out the femininity that every woman wants. The glosses are gorgeous shades and 6-hour long wear!
    The 2 more recent launches are Ageless Minerale Powder and Genefique. Ageless Minerale is Lancome's first skin-perfecting mineral powder with White Sapphire Complex. You'll brush away signs of aging and be left with a long-wearing, poreless, shine-free, luminous complexion.
    And saving the best for last, Genefique. A youth-activating serum that the specialists and scientists at Lancome have been working on for 10 YEARS!! Genefique isn't a serum, its an activator that will activate your own skin's youth genes to bring back a brighter, more youthful luminous complexion. I just started using it and im not even joking, its already working. Believe me, i wouldn't bs you at all. Its AMAZING. It's available right now and if I were you, i'd seriously go and buy it.

    So, nuff said. I heart Lancome and i gurantee, once you start using Lancome, you'll heart it to. And just as a side note, im Persian, my whole family is Persian, if you know anything about most Persians, they aren't as willing to believe "hype" when it comes to beauty products, BUT, if my mom, aunts, cousins and grandma are using Lancome and are willing to try new things and invest in a luxury brand BELIEVE ME, IT WORKS. But dont take my word for it, take the word of the enourmousy huge clientelle and following.

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Just a bit of shameless self promotion

Canadian MakeUp Show

    "This spring, Vancouver will be playing host to what promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting trade shows the Canadian makeup industry has ever seen."

    April 4th and 5th, 2009, the PNE will be hosting the Canadian Makeup Show. I am SUPER excited!! There are some Key Note Speakers such as Sharon Gault who does LADY GAGA'S makeup (her makeup always look INSANE and flawless!!!!). Check out all the info at: http://cmsvan.com/2009/.
    Even if you're not a makeup artist, its a good place to get wholesale priced products such as makeup brushes..good quality..super cheap!!Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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"God you taste GOOD!"

    Has your guy ever said that to you? Or have any of your friends ever wondered why you smell like Cake or Caramel? Coconut or Root Beer? There are so many beauty products in the market that smell divine (and have adorable packaging..you know how I am with packaging). They are even beneficial for your skin! They dont deplete your moisture content or dry your skin out. They dont cause allergic reactions or hives. All they do, is lather up, scrub, smooth, lotion up and on your skin and THEY SMELL GOOD. Like SO good....trust me, you wont stop smelling yourself. And if you're single, it will definetly attract the men..the good kind! If you live in Vancouver, BC you should check out OPEN SUNDAES (at your local Bay!!), they are for sure going to give your body the treat it deserves! You can find philosophy products as well as Dylan's Candy Bar products at Sephora. Cake Beauty can be found in your local hairsalons and beauty retailers.

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Jealousy, Thy name is Oz

    Im not a very jealous person. Its just something I chose to teach myself when I was younger. Not to say ive never felt any type of envy..i think most people have. However, the 5 ladies that fill this page are ladies that I am extremely jealous of. They are 5 of the top Celebrity and Fashion makeup artists in the world. Rachel Goodwin, Gucci Westman, Charlie Green, Charlotte Tillbury and Pat McGrath. Every makeup artist dreams of making it big. Whether in film, television, fashion, print, theater, beauty, the list goes on and on. These ladies have done it. Between the 5 of them, they have probably worked with every Supermodel, Oscar Winners and "It" Girls alive. Gucci Westman was Lancome's International Artistic Director and just left in December to join Revlon as their new Global Artistic Director. Charlie Greene has been at the helm of fashion houses and was a mentor for the competing Makeup Artists on "Blush, The Next Great Makeup Artist" Charlotte Tillbury, who just this past November, beautified all the Victoria's Secret Angels. She also coordinated Charlotte Ronson's Show along with Flirt! Cosmetics. Rachel Goodwin, is a Chanel makeup artist who works withe Hillary Duff, Natalie Portman and Penelope Cruz just to name a few. Pat McGrath has been called the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue magazine, she's worked for almost every fashion house ever and has the privledge of working with the most amazing photographers in the world. She is also the Artistic Director of Procter and Gamble.
    Needless to say, these are just a few of amazing talents in the makeup industry but you gotta admit, if you were me, you'd want all their jobs.

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Cutesy Collections

    The appeal of makeup shopping for most people is in the packaging. Ill be the first to admit, the more appealing the packaging is, the more likely I am to be drawn towards it and want to own it. Im notorious for buying products just because they look cute..mind you, i never actually use them. But please, dont follow my habit. These are a few fabulous new collections, Stila Loves Barbie (celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday), MAC's Hello Kitty (that devilish kitty is not only cute but now sexy! who wudda thunk it) and Paul and Joe for Disney (lets admit, we've all loved the luminousity and dewy-ness of Disney characters both "human" and animals.)Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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So, its been a while..but here's something new :D

    For all you fashion and makeup savvy insiders and even for those of you who may not follow the fashion scene as much but love makeup, its always important to know what makeups look good when. Fashion is seasonal. In Spring time, they show for Fall/Autumn. Therefore, we are able to know what to look for in makeup, hair and nails months in
    advance. It helps make our shopping so much easier and also helps us to not fall into makeup ruts of doing the same look with the same makeup with the same tools year in, year out. So here are a few makeup looks straight from the runways: FULL BROWS-you may not be someone who changes your brow shape but believe it or not, many do according to what goes on in Fashion. But anyways, come fall, fuller brows is the look to go with rather than thin and worm-like. METALLICS AND LUXE LASHES-metallics are always a go to right after summer, working into early fall so keep at it, only come fall, go for sexy, lush lashes...lots of mascara and GOOD mascara is the key to having lashes that will be the envy of everyone around you. BRIGHT LIPS-save the red for the winter months, bright lips is the way to go, where you go with a gorgeous pink or coral, make your lips be the standout of an otherwise nude face. And finally, the never-fail SMOKEY EYE-need I say more? Its the epitome of sexy makeup and especially with jet-straight hair, you'll be the envy of every girl.....and guy.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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Best Oscars in Years

    The 2009 Academy Awards was in my opinion the best since Billy Crystal and his memorable montages. Hugh Jackman did such a fantastic job as host and the special way the nominess for Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Actor/Actress were presented was so powerful that even my dad enjoyed it (he never watches the Oscars).

    As I promised, ive posted a few of my favorite hair/makeup looks. Hands down I think these four ladies rocked hair and makeup in such different ways. I would have to say though that Natalie Portman was my favorite overall but all the ladies were stunning.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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Its better than all the rest

    L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara is my FAVORITE drug store purchase. Its THE best mascara you could buy in my opinion. It does EVERYTHING you want a mascara to do. A nice dark, full lash line that looks as if you've got false eyelashes. The wand reaches every lash and give that fluffy doe-eyed or deliciouslx sexy sex-pot lash look. I recommend it to every single one of my clients to the point where everyone I know buys it now. The only downfall is that because its so fantastic and the formula is a bit thicker, you have to buy a new one more often that you would other mascaras. Which I think is just fine because its a super cheap mascara!! Try it, you'll love it..thats literally a gurantee.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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Palmer's Cocoa Butter

    Sadly, the groundhog said that we have 6 more weeks of winter. I dont know about you, but my skin gets crazy dry come winter time. Its also one of the seasons, believe it or not, that I find that Im more likely to neglect my skin. Especially my hands. Due to the frustrating, yet sad economic recession, I've been trying to find ways to buy cosmetics more affordably. Yes, you heard me correctly, I will buy cheaper makeup. I stumbled upon Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula in my bathroom. Turns out my brother uses it because his best friend uses it because they like the way it smells and girls comment on the cocoa butter smell. And it does smell like cocoa butter, which reminds me of the tropics, which reminds me of summer, which makes me hopeful that summer will be here soon. Anyways..its a fantastic formula full of vitamin E which will calm redness caused by dry skin. Cocoa butter is also super moisturizing and you'll find that it willmake your hands, feet, elbows, lips a lot smoother to touch sooner than you think. You can it at your local Shoppers or London drugs.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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maybelline great lash...or not so great lash??

    <-----This is Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara. Its one of the most popular mascara's in the world. At least every single makeup artist has tried it..some have liked it, others have not. Personally, im not a big fan of it. The wand is too small for my liking and I find that it doesn't cooperate as well as other mascara's ive used. HOWEVER, being a makeup artist, I use a lot of disposable mascara wands on my clients ( I get mine from MAC COSMETICS you get 25 disposable wands for $7.00) . Ive found that using the mascara with a different wand works a lot better. The formula is fantastic and doesn't clump and with using the disposable wands, you get a nice natural lash. Its a super cheap mascara (only $5.49) but my opinion, unless you want to keep buying disposable wands, find a mascara that'll work better, wand, formula and all.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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BARBIE'S 50!!!!

    On Valentine's Day, Barbie had a 50th Anniversary Show in Bryant Park at New York Fashion Week. To commemorate 50 years, 50 of the HOTTEST designers contributed clothes to mark the iconic doll's fashionable history. After 50 years, Barbie has only gotten hotter and more fashionable. Even with all the controversy surrounding her measurements or the unrealistic expectations of womanhood, no one outshines Barbie. Lets be honest, wouldn't you love to play in her closet? Roam thru her makeup bag? Drive her corvettes and cruise down Malibu with Ken?
    Happy 50th Birthday Barbie....can't wait to see what 60'll be like.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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NY Fashion Week

    The excitement that surrounds the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park is insane. Its all hustle all the time. No rest for the weary. So much work goes into a 15 -30 minute show that the average person would probably have a nervous break down within 5 minutes of experiencing a show. Due to the recent economic recession a lot of high end designers chose to not show at Bryant Park but rather smaller scale shows. However, a few of my favorites and more did end up showing their Fall 2009 ready to wear collections and i LOVED LOVED LOVED them. Marc Jacobs, William Rast, Donna Karan, Caroliona Herrera, Tracy Reese, Elie Tahari, the list goes on. My hands down favorite was Marc Jacobs. Check out: http://www.elle.com/Runway/Ready-to-Wear/Fall-2009-RTW/MARC-JACOBS/MARC-JACOBS/(view)/0/(imageIndex)/1 for photos of his fan-tabulous collection.Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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    The Academy Awards are this Sunday, February 22nd. I LOVE watching the Oscars..Ive even been known to book a day off JUST to be able to watch the Oscars. Everything from the gorgeous gowns, to the hair, the makeup, the jewellery, the arm candy..the EVERYTHING. I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo today and she was prepping 4 of the celeb clients for the Oscars last week..i nearly died...just watching the preparation made me all giddy inside. Ive attached a few of my favorite makeup looks from the Oscars of the past few years and Ill be posting my favorite looks from this years on monday.
    Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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To prime or not to prime

    I get asked often whether primer is a necessary step when doing one's makeup. I think that it is. The reason being, a primer protects your skin....it basically creates another layer on top of moisturized skin to a) allow your makeup to stay on longer, b) to keep your makeup looking fresher and c) to not allow the foundation, concealer, etc.. to penetrate into your pores. Lets me honest, do you diligently wash your face twice a day, tone and moisturize daily and exfoliate 2-3 times a week? Probably not, if you do, reach around and give yourself a pat on the back *pat pat*, however, most of people (my friends especially) fall asleep with their makeup on more often than they will admit to me...im not perfect, ive done it before as well. Primers are another step to further protect your skin from wearing makeup everyday. Most of them have added benefits such as illumination, anti-ageing, pore minimizers, skin smoothers and so on. Find one that works best for you and that you feel comfortable with on. Dont overuse the primers, a nickle size amount would be enough for your whole face.

    There are also primers for the eyes. If you're like me, you probably have issues with your eyeshadow creasing after a few hours of wear. Eyeshadow primers help keep your makeup on all day. They dont have the same benefits of a face primer so dont confuse the two. Eyeshadow primers come colorless (nude) or in muliple shades of colors for you to use to also amplify the intensity of your eye makeup. Some formulas however, you have to work with quickly as they dry fast. Make sure that you use only a little bit and blend well, being aware of how high you brush on the primer and make sure you apply your product on evenly. I would advise that you work one eye at a time....primer, apply shadows, blend well and then move onto the next eye. If you let the primer dry, it won't work as well for you as you'd like.
    Ive added a few primers for both face and eyes that ive worked with before and also that are popular ones in the industry.

    Source URL: http://makeupjunkee.blogspot.com/2009/
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