I was contacted by a representative of Skindinavia to try out their Makeup Finishing Spray. IT.IS.FANTASTIC!!
    I first tried it out on a photoshoot a girlfriend of mine was having in Vancouver, BC. There were 7 of us total and it was a SCORCHING hot day. Im thinking to myself, "there is no way this makeup is going to stay on in this weather." I was WRONG. It kept the makeup intact for the whole length of the shoot. I was impressed, however, I thought to myself, "the shoot was only 2 hours, can it handle keeping makeup on for longer?"

    I recently moved out to Toronto. If you know anything about Toronto, you'll know that in the summer, the humidity is INSANE. So I thought to myself, why not do myself up and go out during the day and see how the finishing spray works. I've got to tell you, I am VERY VERY impressed with this product. My makeup stayed on for 7 hours! 7!!! I came home looking the same way I did when I left and let me tell you something, Oz and heat, we DO NOT get along. Makeup rarely stays on my face, even the 'long wear','waterproof' makeup that some companies claim to have.
    The beauty of this product is, it is perfect for all skin types. Two of my girlfriends have very sensitive skin and react easily to products. They showed no reaction at all. It has a highly breathable formula so it feels like there is nothing extra on your skin. You can re-apply the spray multiple times during the day and it doesn't affect your makeup at all. This spray is a must have in any makeup artist's kit. Especially if you do bridal makeup in the summer months. I highly recommend you try The Makeup Finishing Spray.
    You can read up more about Skindinavia's technology and the rest of their line of mists here: Skindinavia.

    I can't wait to try the rest of the line!!
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