In my close circle of friends, I am one of the only who works in a artistic field. And I like it. I like being the one all my friends ask for advice on products, purchases, trends, everything and anything to do with makeup and skin care. I enjoy being the one who takes them shopping and introduces them to products they have never heard of or tried before. I even like being a know-it-all. To be able to share my passion and love of all things makeup is ...beautiful.

    Do you remember, when you were little, playing in your mom's closet, dressing up in her clothes, trying on her makeup and using too much hairspray? The joy you felt, feeling so grown up, trying something you had never tried before, experimenting with a product not knowing the result? And then showing off to your mom, aunts, friends how pretty you looked in your coral cheeks, blue eyeshadow and red lips. If you remember that feeling, you will understand my love.

    Makeup is about experimenting, about creating, trying new things and not being afraid. Trust your instincts. Enjoy, play, have fun, don't fear trying a pink lipstick you may never have thought about or lining your eyes with a turquoise liner. Trends always start somewhere and often start with those who are fearless. Don't be afraid. Worst case scenario, you wash it off and start all over. After all, its JUST makeup ;-)Source URL:
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