Purple Cracking Nail Polish

    Hola!!  I personally love anything having to do with beauty and I've become very addicted to nail polishes.  Last year in August I had about two or three nail polishes that would always use and now I have a huge collection, maybe about 40+ nail polishes!! 

    When OPI came out with Crackle Nail Polishes everyone and their mother wanted one.  I even spent almost $20 bucks on ebay for one because they were all sold out.  This polish of course gives your nail a "cracked" effect; however, I have become very displeased with the crackle polish from OPI.  It got very thick and goopy and nasty.  I heard a few others talk about that theirs had turned out the same way.  I honestly thought I had a bad polish so I purchased another black one and a few others and at the end they all turned out the same.  I only had them about a week or so.  No bueno.  I haven't used them since.

    Born Pretty Store had asked if I would like to review another one of their items and I said sure why not.  I chose to get a crackle nail polish.  I wanted to see if ALL crackle polishes were like OPI's.  I received my package a little over 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say I'm very happy with it. 

    I received the Purple Cracking Nail Polish - L036 to review.  I just told the PR to send me whichever one and I got this one.  In all fairness I'm no good when it comes to applying nail polish, please forgive the "coloring outside of the line" look. 
    The bottle is 15ml-0.5fl oz
    What I found odd about this crackle polish is when you apply it, it dries to a matte almost white color.
    Weird right?  However, once you apply your top coat it turns into this awesome purple color.  I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat.

    What's awesome about this polish is that it's not thick or goopy.  I tried this polish twice to make sure that it wouldn't turn thick or goopy.  
    Not thick or goopy!  I really liked this one.  For those of you who love the "crackle" look this polish would be perfect for you.  It lasted for a 5 days before it started to chip on me (I used a bottom coat, Zoya NP in Dove, Crackle NP and a top coat), which isn't too bad.  

    Of course with Born Pretty Store the more you buy the less it cost.
    They also offer FREE shipping, but I rather pay the extra shipping cost to get it sooner.  If you live in the US it usually takes about 4 or 5 weeks before you get your items if you choose free shipping.

    Overall Thoughts:
    I'm really like this nail polish and would purchase another color to add to my collection.  Check out their website  to see all the colors they carry.

    I give this product 4 out of 5 stars

    Till next time....stay beautiful!!
    Updated:  08/04/2011
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    Please Note:  I received this product for free to review for the company.  All information and review is my honest opinion.
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