Burn Baby Burn!

    Christmas is 24 days away.  Which means New Year's Eve is 30 days away. Which means??? New Year's Resolutions that we (read: I) are unlikely to follow through with after the consumption of copious amounts of food and beverages. What's a girl to do?!

    Ahah! (picture a light bulb) By george I've got it! TASKFORCE HEALTH AND FITNESS!  Taskforce fitness is your mobile one stop source for all your fitness and health needs.  With award-winning trainers and athletes, Taskforce Health and Fitness is the place to start getting your butt back in shape or continuing to keep it healthy. Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, you can contact Taskforce Trainers at taskforcefitness@yahoo.ca  

    After all, a healthy body provides for healthy skin and a glow that money nor makeup can buy!

    So come on Ladies and Gents, lets start our resolutions now and step into the New Year feeling fabulous! 
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