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    I'm 29 and beginning to see aging in my face.  Mainly, around the eyes and around my mouth.  My skin is very sensitive to anything oily and I break out.  I'd like to take care of this aging.  What's an affordable skin routine you think might work for me

    If your skin is sensitive, I will also recommend you use Aveeno products.  Aveeno is a wonderful skin care line, that is affordable and will help you with your skin care concerns.  Aveeno uses natural ingredients and works fabulously for sensitive skin as well as all other skin types. Many of their skin care products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

    To help with reducing the signs of aging, I would start out by using the Positively Ageless Lifting and Firming Daily Moisturizer for your face.  For eye care, I would recommend you use Positively Ageless Lifting and Firming Eye Cream.

    What is equally as important is that you are consistent with your skin care regime.  Especially as we start to age, it gets more and more important that you ensure you stick with your regime day and night.  For day, I would also recommend that you use sunscreen, with a minimum SPF 15.  Exposure to the sun also assist in a quickened aging process for our skin.  Exfoliation is also important to help keep your skin balanced. Aveeno's Skin Brightening Daily Scrub will improve your skin's texture which also plays a role in reducing the appearance of visible aging signs.

    You can find all Aveeno products at your local beauty retailer

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