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    For all you fashion and makeup savvy insiders and even for those of you who may not follow the fashion scene as much but love makeup, its always important to know what makeups look good when. Fashion is seasonal. In Spring time, they show for Fall/Autumn. Therefore, we are able to know what to look for in makeup, hair and nails months in
    advance. It helps make our shopping so much easier and also helps us to not fall into makeup ruts of doing the same look with the same makeup with the same tools year in, year out. So here are a few makeup looks straight from the runways: FULL BROWS-you may not be someone who changes your brow shape but believe it or not, many do according to what goes on in Fashion. But anyways, come fall, fuller brows is the look to go with rather than thin and worm-like. METALLICS AND LUXE LASHES-metallics are always a go to right after summer, working into early fall so keep at it, only come fall, go for sexy, lush lashes...lots of mascara and GOOD mascara is the key to having lashes that will be the envy of everyone around you. BRIGHT LIPS-save the red for the winter months, bright lips is the way to go, where you go with a gorgeous pink or coral, make your lips be the standout of an otherwise nude face. And finally, the never-fail SMOKEY EYE-need I say more? Its the epitome of sexy makeup and especially with jet-straight hair, you'll be the envy of every girl.....and guy.Source URL:
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