An Ode to Lancome

    Im not a biased makeup artist or makeup junkie. I'll try just about anything because I believe all lines have products that are successful even if I wont use them. However, I do have my favorites. I LOVE Lancome. Its been a staple in my makeup kit since I started wearing makeup (at 12!!!). My mom, aunt, cousins, grandma, everyone around me has always used Lancome. So it made sense that when I finished school, Lancome became a company I wanted to work for. Now 2 years later, Im a makeup artist/demo for Lancome in the Lower Mainland. LOVE IT! So i've dedicated this post to Lancome's newest products and 3 of the best selling products. You have to believe me when I say Lancome has the BEST SELLING MASCARA in the world. Hands down, no one does it better. Hypnose and Definicils are the best of the best, and more recently we launched Oscillation, the 1st vibrating mascara wand that recreates the motion of a makeup artist. You'll have a false eye lashe effect with just a touch of a button!!! TRUST ME, IT WORKS!!! And just an added bonus is Bi-facil...the trusted eye makeup remover that you'll find in every makeup-ista and makeup artist's kits.
    Aaron de May launched Pink Irreverance, a gorgeous collection of pink and color that will bring out the femininity that every woman wants. The glosses are gorgeous shades and 6-hour long wear!
    The 2 more recent launches are Ageless Minerale Powder and Genefique. Ageless Minerale is Lancome's first skin-perfecting mineral powder with White Sapphire Complex. You'll brush away signs of aging and be left with a long-wearing, poreless, shine-free, luminous complexion.
    And saving the best for last, Genefique. A youth-activating serum that the specialists and scientists at Lancome have been working on for 10 YEARS!! Genefique isn't a serum, its an activator that will activate your own skin's youth genes to bring back a brighter, more youthful luminous complexion. I just started using it and im not even joking, its already working. Believe me, i wouldn't bs you at all. Its AMAZING. It's available right now and if I were you, i'd seriously go and buy it.

    So, nuff said. I heart Lancome and i gurantee, once you start using Lancome, you'll heart it to. And just as a side note, im Persian, my whole family is Persian, if you know anything about most Persians, they aren't as willing to believe "hype" when it comes to beauty products, BUT, if my mom, aunts, cousins and grandma are using Lancome and are willing to try new things and invest in a luxury brand BELIEVE ME, IT WORKS. But dont take my word for it, take the word of the enourmousy huge clientelle and following.

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