How To Repair Broken Eyeshadows

    My lovely husband managed to knock my makeup case over last night and sent everything flying across the bathroom. Sure enough, more than one eye shadow was broken.

    I thought that there would be no better time to show you how to repair broken eyeshadows rather than throwing them out!

    There are quite a few ways to do this, and there are also products you can buy to help press the powder back into the pan. The easiest way I have found, is from a tutorial from Kandee Johnson. This video explains exactly what you will need, and how to press your eyeshadows again!

    Just to show you how it all turns out, here are the Before and After photos of my eyeshadows;

    A few of my shadow mess before repair

    And After (before drying). I vary the way I press my eyeshadows slightly as I find it quicker, and I don't mind if mine don't have a flat surface again, as long as they are in one piece!

    I find that using paper towel or tissue and a coin when pressing the eyeshadow often tends to pick up much of the product and feels quite wasteful. Instead (making sure I have clean hands) I press the powder into place with my finger tip. I find that this is easier to control, and you don't lose as much product. You can be as fussy as you want when pressing the shape back - as you can tell I don't mind much about how the surface looks!

    Hope I've taught you a way to rescue some of your eyeshadows!

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