Lizzie McGuire grew up

    There are a lot of Hollywood starlets whom I think more often than not look impeccable. They looks stylish from head to toe.
    One of my FAVORITES is Hillary Duff. She's a tiny little thing but she always looks phenomenal so i decided to post some of my favorite makeup photos of her. Truth be told, I'd DIE to do her makeup one day down the road but more so than anything, its her makeup artist that I'm regularly inspired by, Chanel makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin.
    Aside from being a Hollywood mogul, she's even engaged to a Canuck (Mike Comrie-his family owns the Brick) and sports a rock the size of my head (if you've never met me, i think i have an abnormally large head) and to make matters worse she has a bag/sunglasses/scarf collection that I would DIE for. For reals.Source URL:
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