LASplash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base Review

    Hola mi chicas bonitas!!  About a month and a half ago I went to ULTA with my Mom-n-law and I was in need of a new UDPP; however, I was low on dinero so I decided to look for something else.  On the back wall I found a brand that I hadn't really heard of...LASplash Cosmetics, it's one of those that someone mentions but doesn't go into detail, well anyways it was one of those buy one get one free things and I ended up getting their LASplash Splash Proof Sealer to try out.  Let me show you how it looks then I'll give you my thoughts on this.


    This is what the website says about the product:

    "Splash Proof Sealer/Base™ intensifies color and provides extra protection against smears and smudges for flawless 12 hour wear.

    Apply a very light coat of LASPLASH Sealer/Base™ to area intended for glitter or shimmer (across entire eye lid and up to brow bone). To avoid creasing, use only what is on the wand. Dab and blend glitter or shimmer with LASPLASH duo brush onto eye area while eyelid is still wet.  Enhances vibrancy for 12 hour wear.
    Continue to blend until desired look is achieved. "

    The package is ok.  I think they should of made the top of the wand so long, but other than that it's a good size.  The applicator is a doe foot which I like.

    The texture is not thick and applies on clear.  It does not look like the pearlish color that you see inside of the tube when applied.  It does feel somewhat sticky when your applying it and it dries quickly. 

    I have to admit this e/s base is very good.  As a matter of fact its awesome.  My e/s lasted long, no creasing or fading; however, the bad dried the f**k out of my eyelids.  As much as I love this base it just wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.  I've used it on my clients and they love this base and they have not experience any over drying on their eyelids.  I personally can't use it on myself because of this.  Other than that it's an awesome base.  I only have it in my makeup kit and use it on clients.  I was in shock to see that this base dried out my eyelids because I have very oily skin, but oh well.

    It's also very affordable.  I only paid $6.99 at ULTA for it.  That's how much it is on the website too. 

    All in all ladies I think this base is worth a shot and see if you like it.  I love it, but I just can't use it.  I'm so sad in my heart because I really like this base. =(  Oh well I'm going to have to stick to my UDPP.  I can always use e.l.f's primer but sometimes I need something a bit stronger.  If any of you know of another e/s primer/base that is awesome and yet still affordable let me know!

    Till next time.....Stay Beautiful!!!

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