Beauty on a Budget

    When it comes to your important Make Up kit items such as foundation, concealer, powder and mascara, it is best to invent in a high quality item, although usually much pricier you really get what you pay for with these items.

    With that being said, we all sometimes have to be a little budget savvy, and there are many makeup items that you can sometimes find cheaper alternatives that work quite well.

    I'm currently roadtesting BYS Glitter Eye Creme, this glitter can be applied with either your fingers, a make up brush or a cotton tip. I prefer to apply using a cotton tip as I am not a big fan of using my fingertips to apply makeup, and dont fancy washing the glitter out of my brushes after application!

    To build up the colour use a dabbing teqnique instead of a wiping motion as you would use when applying eyeshadow - this insures you dont lose any product and it stays exactly where you put it!

    BYS Glitter Creme comes in a varity of colours which is great! Above I have used (in order left to right) Two Tone, Gold Rush, Silver Spectrum, Disco, Purple Patch, Snowflake, Peek A Boo, Cherry Bloom, Blue Lagoon, and Peacock Blue.

    Pros: Unlike most glitter, the glitter in these little pots is in a already in a cream form, meaning none of those runaway sparkles all over your cheeks once you have finished applying!

    Cons: You do have to spend a little time building the glitter up to get an intense coverage, also the feel of the glitter can be a little course (especially when removing it) so I would keep it away from sensitive eyes, and stick to cheek bones & lips.

    BYS Glitter Creme retails for $4.95 each, and can be purchased from most stores retailing cosmetics, or online at

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