The Beauty Pod

    This morning I received a delivery (always so exciting) from Designer Tools Australia for the Beauty Pods I ordered!

    I have been dying to try these out for ages, as I have been seeing them everywhere lately and wanted to test them out for myself! They come in three colours (I purchased all three but LOVE the purple one).

    The Beauty Pod is well designed to have a larger rounded end for applying your foundation, and a smaller pointed end that is fantastic for concealing and applying your foundation evenly around those hard to get places such as the corner of your eyes and around your nose.

    To use, you place the pod under water until it swells up (see picture below), then squeeze out the excess water and then apply your foundation as normal. Personally I prefer to pat my foundation to ensure that I get even coverage, but I also tested the pod with a wiping technique and found it still applied quite evenly, much better than any foundation brush!

    The beauty pod is also incredibly easy to clean, you simply wash with warm, soapy water and leave out to dry. This is a much better alternative as I feel that normal latex sponges you can never get 100% clean and so I have been using a disposable sponge for each client.

    This is an item that I'm going to be using on a regular basis for a long time - I couldnt be happier with it!

    You can purchase these in Australia from Designer Tools for $12.50 each, or in a pack with all three colours for $30.00.

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