Hola Chicas Lindas!!  First off I want to first thank you all for your continuous support and love towards my blog, FB page and YT!!  I know I haven't done much blogging, or done a video or really interacted on my page.  I've been getting some things together in my life or in my head really; but, looks like I'm back!  =)

    This review is way overdue, but better late than never!  I've done a few other reviews for Born Pretty Store in the past where you can find here, here and here.  I was given another opportunity to review an item from their website and chose an eyeshadow palette.  The one thing that I absolutely love about Born Pretty Store is that every time you go on the website there's always something new to choose from and makes it more exciting when surfing through their website!

    I choose this palette (there are two other palettes with different e/s colors) - 15 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette #3004 07

    This is how the front and back of the palette look.
    Inside of palette.
    The palette is a good size.  The size is comparable to a BH Cosmetics Palette.  It comes with 15 eyeshadows.  It has a mirror on the inside cover of the palette.  The palette has a hard plastic cover all over.  It's sturdy and doesn't feel "cheap" like it's about to break.  The price for the palette is $19.50; however, if you buy more the one the price goes down.  Still not a bad price.  The size of the e/s is about 1 1/2 MAC refill e/s pans. 

    Here are the swatches:
    (All were swatched on bare skin, no primer/base was used)
    Row 1:  01 - 05 (Left to Right)
    Row 2:  06 - 10 (Left to Right)
    Row 3:  11 - 15 (Left to Right)
    The e/s are super silky and soft!  They are very pigmented and it doesn't take much effort to get color on your brush.  I honestly didn't have any problems with these e/s to work for me.  I did notice that some of the darker colors are a bit hard to come off but it's no biggie.  I've been having fun playing around with these e/s.  My favorite one is #14!!  It's this amazing purple/blue color and oh man it just "shines" when you apply it! 

    Shipping is always FREE when you order; however, I would rather pay the shipping cost because I don't have much patients to wait, but that's just me.  I also want to mention that items are wrapped up awesome!!  I had to use a chainsaw just to unwrap this palette (kidding)!! 

    I did a couple of looks using this palette:

    Sorry this one was taken with my camera in on my phone so it's not a great pic.

    In all honesty I really like this store and I would recommend this palette to anyone.  If you like to do nails, hair, makeup, piercings, etc.  They pretty much got something in their store for you.  If you decide to get something use my code for 10% off:

    Stay tuned I will be having a giveaway that will be sponsored by Born Pretty Store!  Details to come later.

    Till next time....Stay Beautiful!!

    Please Note:  I did receive item for free for my consideration.  All information above is my honest opinion. I did not get paid to do this post.
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