Colouring Your Hair While Pregnant

    There is always a big debate over if it is safe to colour your hair while you are pregnant. I thought that I would write a blog post about my research on the topic. As you all know I am not a doctor, just a beauty professional and I would still speak to your doctor about any concerns you have.

    Unfortunately there has been no research that has come to a conclusion on if it is safe or unsafe to dye your hair throughout pregnancy (although many people will try to tell you it has been proven one way or the other). I want to offer this advice for concerns based on the research I have done, and my own professional knowledge.

    The two biggest concerns about colouring your hair when pregnant is;

    • That the chemicals will be absorbed through your skin and enter your bloodstream
    • That you will inhale chemical fumes while your colour is processing.

    My biggest tips for colouring your hair during pregnancy;

    • Request a station close to the entrance of the salon, for better ventilation. This would be especially beneficial if you are experiencing heightened sense of smell, as it may become overwhelming if you have several clients around you with colour treatments.
    • Instead of an all-over colour, request foils. Getting a section of Halo foils in a colour matching the ends of your hair will help to disguise regrowth, and means that the colour chemicals do not touch your scalp (zero risk of you absorbing the chemicals through your skin - although it is highly unlikely that this will happen, if colour was absorbed then we would not get so much regrowth!). Foils do not only have to be Blonde in colour.
    • If possible, use a Semi (sometimes called a Demi) permanent colour. These colours are not as strong as permanent colours, as grey hair is more resistant to colouring. You will find that Semi/Demi colours will still help to cover a small percentage of grey hair if that is a concern.
    • I would recommend to steer clear of lightening powder (bleach) on the scalp. Besides sometimes being uncomfortable, this is the strongest colour we use as hairdressers. To be on the safe side, I would keep to having it applied in foils so it is not touching your scalp.
    • Even if you have used the same colour previously, have your hairdresser do a test for any allergic reactions, as your body may react differently than normal.
    • Wait until your second trimester if possible, this is when most of your babies vitals have been formed, and your hormones will have settled slightly (less likely to react and get a different colour than desired).
    In my personal experience, as a hairdresser I have worked in salons colouring girls hair throughout their pregnancy, and have had co-workers that have worked as a hairdresser far into their pregnancy and have never heard of any complications. Chemicals are now also much more regulated, and are not the same formulations that have been used in previous years to ensure safety. BUT if you are concerned - don't do it. If you have concerns over something that may be potentially bad for you, then follow your gut & don't listen to the opinion of anyone else, chemicals are chemicals at the end of the day.

    To read more about colouring your hair when pregnant, you can visit these links;

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* Although this post is regarding hair colours, I want to recommend to steer clear of perms or chemical straightening while pregnant. These chemicals are very strong, and can be harmful.Source URL:
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