False Eyelashes Part 1

    False eyelashes can be quite tricky to apply if you have never tried before. There are also so many different types that it can be confusing to choose the right ones.

    False eyelashes have many positive benefits, especially for people with small eyes. Eyelashes help to open your eyes, especially after creating a smokey eye look and with a bit of practice, take only a few minutes to apply.

    This post will be in two parts - Part 1 will be explaining the different types of false lashes and their benefits, and Part 2 will tell you all about application of false eyelashes.

    Here is an explanation on the different types of eyelashes you can purchase, how they differ and where you can find them!

    Individual/Cluster Lashes

    Individual or Cluster Eyelashes are small 'pods' of false lashes, and as many or as little can be applied as you like. Great for a more natural look, however if you are someone who rubs their eyes etc, I recommend to steer clear. You may find them sticking out in the wrong direction in the middle of your date!
    Lashout False Lashes by Model Co - Available from Priceline stores or at www.modelco.com.au

    Quarter or Half Lashes

    Quarter or Half line lashes, are placed on the outer edge of your eye, and are perfect for adding a little bit of glam without being over the top. I recommend these types of false eyelashes for daytime wear, or for those who don't usually wear much makeup or have previously not worn false eyelashes before.

    Sweet Blinks 1/4 lashes, Edges Series from Lash Republic - available at http://www.lashrepublic.com.au

    Full Lashes

    Full line false eyelashes are the most common and easy to find, and usually what comes to mind when thinking of false eyelashes. These vary in size, colour and type from natural looking to the intense. Full or Half line lashes are usually the easiest to learn to apply, as they are easier to control.

    Thick Human Hair Lash - Sandy from Wasp - Available from Wasp stores or www.wasphair.com.au

    Designer Lashes

    Designer Lashes are usually full line false eyelashes, and come in a variety of styles including colours, diamantes, and feathers. Great fun for creative looks and dressing up!

    Dramatic Pink & Black Lashes from Burlesque Baby - Available from www.burlesquebaby.com.au

    Peach Blossoms Paper Eyelashes by Paperself - Available from www.paperself.com or www.lashrepublic.com.au

    Feather Lash - Petal from Wasp - Available at Wasp stores or www.wasphair.com.au

    Under Lashes

    Under Line false eyelashes are placed under your lower lash line to create a more dramatic look. These eyelashes are great for people who have very short, or sparse lower lashes.
    Underlash - Short from Lash Republic - available at www.lashrepublic.com.au


    You can also purchase various eyelash applicators to aid you, such as the ones below.

    Wasp Eyelash Applicator - Available from Wasp stores or www.wasphair.radikls.com.au

    Ardell Deluxe Lash Applicator - Available from www.beautyheaven.com.au

    Stay tuned for Part 2 - Eyelash Application & remember that I love comments! Let me know if there is anything you would like me to feature, and visit my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/makeupjunkieconfessions

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