Best Kept Secrets Part 2

    Time for my best kept secrets part 2! This post is all about body care. Once again, just want to mention that I don't receive any sort of payment for these products and brands, it is just my honest opinion.

    I have quite sensitive skin, so moisturizers high in fragrance often irritate my skin. Palmer's Cocoa Butter is perfect, as it's nice and rich without making my skin feel greasy as body moisturizers often do.

    I love the Body Shop's pink grapefruit body scrub! Its a great to exfoliate, leaving my skin feeling soft, and I love anything that smells fruity.

    The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter is also in my beauty stash, It's really rich, so I mostly use it throughout winter.

    Here Today Tanned Tomorrow is the only Tan product I will use. I get spray tanned often, and this is perfect to apply to prolong my spray tan and keep it looking great. Not to mention, its another great smelling product!

    This bronzer is what sold me on Sportsgirl's tan range! I have always been hesitant about buying products from brands that don't focus on beauty products, but a friend lent me this before going out one night. The next day I went out and brought both this bronzer and Here Today Tanned Tomorrow and haven't put them down since! This is one of the first cream bronzers I have experienced that is dark in colour and won't go streaky, or look fake. It also has a slight shimmer to the cream, and if I haven't had time for a spray tan appointment this fools everyone! Best of all - it washes off in the shower so for those girls who just want a bit of colour on their legs for a night out it's perfect.
    Lush's bath products are not so much of a necessity but more a little indulge. I love any of their bath products, they are so cute and lots have glitter in them to make you feel a little spoiled. In case you haven't noticed, I am unusually partial to anything that smells yummy!
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