Beauty Saving Tips

    Keeping up with all the latest trends in beauty can be expensive, especially if you're into the newest fashion trends as well. On top of that, you also have all the maintenance! Hair colours, Waxing, Nails, Hair Extensions.. the list goes on. Here are my top tips for saving you money on the small things, so you can spend it on more exciting things!

    • Drink lots of water. I can't say this enough. Water helps to flush your system of any toxins (Weekend Binge anyone?) and keeps your skin clear. If you have a great base to work with, you won't use nearly as much product trying to make yourself look healthy.
    • Be a model at Beauty Schools. Most beauty schools have a College Salon, and prices are so much more affordable than your local beauty salon! (Full leg wax is usually around $20). The girls performing the treatments are in the last few months of their qualifications, and have already passed the units and test required of them, but use the College Salon as work experience. The girls take care of you well, and are always very sweet! It's also a great way to splurge on those extra beauty treatments such as a Massage or Facial without feeling so guilty about the price tag.
    • When you think that bottle of moisturiser is empty, cut the end off of the tube. You will be surprised how much is still left in there.
    • Take care of your hair using weekly treatments, and heat protectants when blow-drying or straightening. This is one place you don't want to be stingy. Keeping your hair as healthy as possible means that your hair colour will last longer without fading, you wont be spending as much on serums and smoothing creams, and your hair will look shiny naturally. Long term, you will save yourself not only money, but time too!
    • Don't pump your mascara tube, this lets more air get inside of the tube, and dries out your mascara leaving it flaky.
    • You can use products for multiple purposes to get you through to payday. Your favourite dark eyeshadow that creates the best smokey eyes? Run a eyeliner brush underwater and mix with the eyeshadow to create an eyeliner
    Hope you all learnt a few new tricks!

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