New Winners.....

    Hola Everyone!!  Two of the winners did not contact me within the 48 hours I gave them.  So I had to choose two new winners! 

    2nd Place - $50 MAC Gift Card -  Angie
    3rd Place - $25 MAC Gift Card - Marla and Makeup

    Please contact me within 48 hours (07/31/2011) to claim your prize.  My email is If I do not hear from them then I will have to choose another winner(s).

    Thank you!!
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Purple Cracking Nail Polish

    Hola!!  I personally love anything having to do with beauty and I've become very addicted to nail polishes.  Last year in August I had about two or three nail polishes that would always use and now I have a huge collection, maybe about 40+ nail polishes!! 

    When OPI came out with Crackle Nail Polishes everyone and their mother wanted one.  I even spent almost $20 bucks on ebay for one because they were all sold out.  This polish of course gives your nail a "cracked" effect; however, I have become very displeased with the crackle polish from OPI.  It got very thick and goopy and nasty.  I heard a few others talk about that theirs had turned out the same way.  I honestly thought I had a bad polish so I purchased another black one and a few others and at the end they all turned out the same.  I only had them about a week or so.  No bueno.  I haven't used them since.

    Born Pretty Store had asked if I would like to review another one of their items and I said sure why not.  I chose to get a crackle nail polish.  I wanted to see if ALL crackle polishes were like OPI's.  I received my package a little over 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say I'm very happy with it. 

    I received the Purple Cracking Nail Polish - L036 to review.  I just told the PR to send me whichever one and I got this one.  In all fairness I'm no good when it comes to applying nail polish, please forgive the "coloring outside of the line" look. 
    The bottle is 15ml-0.5fl oz
    What I found odd about this crackle polish is when you apply it, it dries to a matte almost white color.
    Weird right?  However, once you apply your top coat it turns into this awesome purple color.  I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat.

    What's awesome about this polish is that it's not thick or goopy.  I tried this polish twice to make sure that it wouldn't turn thick or goopy.  
    Not thick or goopy!  I really liked this one.  For those of you who love the "crackle" look this polish would be perfect for you.  It lasted for a 5 days before it started to chip on me (I used a bottom coat, Zoya NP in Dove, Crackle NP and a top coat), which isn't too bad.  

    Of course with Born Pretty Store the more you buy the less it cost.
    They also offer FREE shipping, but I rather pay the extra shipping cost to get it sooner.  If you live in the US it usually takes about 4 or 5 weeks before you get your items if you choose free shipping.

    Overall Thoughts:
    I'm really like this nail polish and would purchase another color to add to my collection.  Check out their website  to see all the colors they carry.

    I give this product 4 out of 5 stars

    Till next time....stay beautiful!!
    Updated:  08/04/2011
    Get 10% off your next order at Born Pretty Store
    Use Code:  PRISCILLAK31
    Valid till December 31, 2011
    Please Note:  I received this product for free to review for the company.  All information and review is my honest opinion.
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The Winners Are.....

    Hola Everyone!!  I just wanted to say thank you to all that participated in my giveaway.  I had to disqualify a quite a few people because not all rules were followed.  It's sad to say that some people don't really read your blog post and don't read the rules. 

    I hope those who are international winners read my giveaway thoroughly and understand what they have to do when they contact me. 
    Winners have 48 hours to contact me. If not another winner will be chosen. 

    1st Winner - Rekuci
    2nd Winner -  Emily Makeup
    3rd Winner - Skittlezzstylezz

    Please contact me with in 48 hours (by July 29, 2011). 
    My email is

    Thank you all who participated!  If you didn't win don't get discouraged I have many more to come!

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Miss Taylor - Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki

    ***Giveaway Closed***

    Hola!!  Being an affiliate with Sigma Beauty has some awesome perks.  When you join their affiliate program your able to apply for a free product to review.  If you would like more information on Sigma's affiliate program click here.  Since I have over 500+ followers, I was able to receive the Miss Taylor Kabuki.  I own the Miss Marilyn Kabuki (Sigma no longer has it on their website) and I love it!  The Miss Taylor kabuki is a travel version of the F80.  I love my F80 and I use it to apply my foundation daily. 

    Here is what the Miss Taylor looks like packaged and unpackaged:
    This is how it comes packaged.

    Purple happens to be one of my favorite colors so I love the case!
    This is how it looks when you pull slide the cover down.  The brush is identical to the F80.

    This brush is super soft.  Then again any brushes that own from Sigma are very soft!

    It fits in the palm of your hand.

    I personally have never used a flat top brush to apply powder.  I've always used them to apply foundation; however, I love love love how this applies my powder.  I'm not sure if you will understand, but I feel like I have control over how much powder I apply on my face and it does give me a nice finish all over.  I prefer this one over my Miss Marilyn kabuki. 

    Would you like to have one of yourself?  Sigma is offering to give one to one of my lucky readers!!

    Leave one comment for everything!

    -Must be a follower via GFC - please leave your GFC name
    -Provide your email address
    -Whats your go to product for the summer?

    All of these must be answered!!

    Giveaway is international

    Giveaway ends August 5, 2011 at 11:59pm MST.

    Thank you all for being so supportive and awesome!!

    Please Note:  I am affiliated with Sigma Beauty.  You do not have to click on any of the links I have posted on my blog.  You can either google Sigma Beauty or go to
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